Friday's Fact or Fiction No (Cow) Tipping, Please!

Is it a trick? It's not a treat! Cow Tipping, who does that? I can give no logical answer as to who first decided to go cow tipping or how it became a rural-urban legend (I just made that term up myself) for recklessly curious thrill seekers. Here are some ideas as to how the cow tipping allure came to be so popular. Remember- No (Cow) Tipping, Please!

Cows are thought to be whimsical, dim-witted animals defenselessly chewing grasses unsuspecting and oblivious to their surroundings. These serene looking cows stand idly by on their frail, little legs unable to stand their ground against the brave tipper that sneaks upon them in the darkness. I'm not buying this story, even if it is on sale.

Here's a little research on the topic at hand.  On average, a cow weighs between one-half and up to a full ton. Contrary to popular belief, cows do not have a high center of gravity, they are solid, massive creatures with a low center of gravity. They have a keen sense of vision, hearing and smell and are by nature light sleepers.  While cows might be caught resting while standing, they do not sleep standing up.  A lonely calf, maybe an extremely swift and determined tipper or two may manage to sneak in a sucker shove, but I can't see even a baby cow going down with out a struggle to stand upright and an emergency alert to mommy and the rest of the herd. One would only hope to live to tell the story. While this prank may seem like fun times in theory, it's actually very dangerous for the tipper and the cow and not to mention, cow tipping is cruel and ridiculous.  

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The cow family is referred to as cattle. A cow does not have four stomachs, it has only one stomach which contains four digestive compartments: the rumen, reticulum, omasum and abomasum.  Be kind to cows, they are considered to be our foster mothers as they produce approximately 90% of the world's milk supply. Remember to raise a glass of milk to the cows on Mother's Day.