Wordless Against Cancer

Wordless Against Cancer

There are no words for cancer, lovingly share the name of anyone whose life has been affected by any form of cancer. 

Survivors, victims, families, friends. Show your love and support cancer awareness by sharing names in the comment section to be included in the post. 

Let's Stand Wordless Against Cancer- Until There's a Cure

A Supportive Tribute To-

Julia Garcia Murray

Henry Wong 

Donna Allen Martinez

Emmanuela Guaglione

Nancy Cornell

Judy Leshko

Charlotte Silagyi

Filomena Hernandez

Laurie Morgan

Rita LaHood

Pat Miller

Kathy Moreford

Jeff Drost

John Taylor


Lucille Wages

Norma Jean

Delores Ortiz

Jane Luper

Gloria Mitchell

Linda Higgins

Aunt Bunny

Susan Gonner

Kimberly H. Smith

Kathy Collins

Mari Ruddy

Robin Waters