Featured Review - GrooveBook and FREE Promo Code

Photo Credit: niecyisms
"Siri, where can I store my pictures from my iPhone? " Siri, (in her Siri voice) "I do not have that information for you, Niecy. Would you like me to surf the web?" Negative, thanks for nothing. I can web surf without your assistance, Siri.
The situation is that I have over 1,000 pics residing on my phone and they have to find someplace to go. Unfortunately, many photo kiosks are incompatible with the iPhone which makes printing two steps beyond complicated. In order to have my iPhone pics developed, I have to go the the retailer's website from a computer and create an account with the photo processing department . After I have gone through the registration information, I can now play the guessing game of 'How Much? How Many? How Long?' There is a rather random rubric for quantity, pricing and pick-up of your order that I am not qualified to comprehend.

Have you heard of the great new app Groovebook? I am so glad that I now have not only downloaded the app but also ordered and received my Groovebook. Groovebook is a free app for iPhone and most Android phones that easily downloads up to 100 pictures from your mobile phone and not only prints an awesome personalized keepsake book, your 4.5" x 6.5" book is also mailed to you in approximately 7 days. The quality printing and shipping service from Groovebook is very inexpensively available for only $2.99 per month.

The process for registering with Groovebook is very simple and convenient. After the free app is downloaded and personal information is entered, simply select 100 pictures to be included in your Groovebook. The pictures can be either 100 different selections or multiple copies of various selections to total 100 photos. Additional copies of your personalized Groovebook can be ordered for an additional $2.99 to share with family and friends. The date for completing the photo selection for your next Groovebook order is generated based on your initial order date.

In a few days time, I received my package from Groovebook containing my personalized photo book delivered by First Class mail. The 4.5"x6" book has easily removable perforated glossy print pictures and Groovebook coupons to share in a stylish little book with an actual groove design shaped into the book for easier handling. The package also included an introductory letter from Brian Whiteman offering contact information and encouraging comments, suggestions or questions.

Groovebook is offering my readers an exclusive Free & Fabulous promo code for their first Groovebook to be printed and mailed for free. This special promotion is available for new subscribers for a limited time. The app is available at groovebook.com or in the iTunes store Enter the promo coupon code NIECYISMS1 for our exclusive discount.

I was given the opportunity to create a personalized Groovebook as part of a sponsored review. I received the product for review and have been offered no other compensation. The opinions and review reported are my personal thoughts, under no influence from the corporate sponsors.

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