Rosetta Stone Kids Reading Benefits Early Core Literacy Skills

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Rosetta Stone. I received a product and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

How do you benchmark reading readiness? As a parent and early childhood educator, I do value the incorporation of technology into a comprehensive educational curriculum. The implementation of an effective technology-based kids reading program just became accessible to parents thanks to Rosetta Stone Kids Reading program that my three year old toddler and I have begun to explore together. 

While it appeared to be the bandwagon that every parent should be riding on, I never imagined repeatedly dancing flash cards or creepy television images before my six month old infant. Why would babies even need to know how to read? Where are those kids and infomercials now, anyway? 

Commonly recognized for their highly acclaimed, research-based foreign language learning curriculum, Rosetta Stone has formed a winner partnership with Lexia Learning. From the merger forming this powerful team of respective industry leaders arises an innovative educational program aimed at developing core literacy skills during early childhood. Aimed most specifically at the 3 - 7 year old early learners, Rosetta Stone Kids Reading primes children for the acquisition of crucial literacy skills such as phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. 

With a 3 year old toddler currently being homeschooled using a personally designed collaborative preschool curriculum, we eagerly incorporated Rosetta Stone Kids Reading into our activities. Initially, we began using Rosetta Stone Kids Reading online on our lap top computer which has a touch screen making selections very simple for our little "Busy". For the sake of convenience and the life of our laptop, we began to used the iOS app (available in Android) on our iPad. We enjoyed being able to have a little bit more flexibility for movement as we sat on the floor for a little "tech time". 

I strongly agree with the recommendation that younger children, 3 and four year olds in particular, try a 15 minute limited time for use of Rosetta Stone  Kids Reading and most other forms of educational and recreational technology. We really struggled within our time allotment as "Busy" was very interested in selecting the one feature that was unavailable until all curriculum activity levels were successfully completed.  We perservered and having had previous experience with letter recognition, phonics and story comprehension, we were very pleased with his progress.

With a few weeks of Rosetta Stone Kids Reading successfully completed, it is with great pleasure that I announce that "Busy" is not a fluent reader as of yet, however he is happily and confidently on his way to learning the foundations of reading skills. Rosetta Stone is offering a free introductory lesson of each level of the curriculum to download online or as an Academics Smart Media Award winning iOS or Android app. Offering families the option of either a monthly or annual subscription, Rosetta Stone Kids Reading creates an individual age-appropriate, adaptive curriculum for as many as four different profiles per account. Each account allows parents to monitor the progress of their child or multiple children as they embark upon the important first step in developing reading skills at their own pace.

Give the gift of reading with Rosetta Stone Kids Reading. For more information and to view a demo of Rosetta Kids Reading visit