Health and Wellness Benefits from Green Goodness Juice- Family Favorite Recipe

I'm about to come clean. I most likely will not shock and awe the world, but here goes. My claim to fame will never be as a 'Gourmet Goddess'. I can however follow the very simplest of recipes and have I got a winner to pass along! Behold... all natural and full of healthy living- Green Goodness Juice!

Health and Wellness Benefits from Green Goodness Juice- A Family Favorite

The ingredients and recipe for my Green Goodness Juice bring me pure joy for many reasons. Let's start by saying that we're working with just the basics. There is no need for elaborate, complicated kitchen gadgets. You will need a working blender. I have a working blender. That's about as complicated as it gets. Okay then, let's get started!


1 Cup of Kale
1/2 Sliced Cucumber
1/2 Apple
1/4" Slice of Ginger (optional)
1 Cup of Cold Water (For Blenders Only)


This recipe makes approximately an 8 oz. serving

Wash and rinse all fruit and vegetables thoroughly.

Slice all ingredients into small slices and add into blender/juicer.

Blender users pour in a cup of cold water.

Begin the juicing process in 30 second intervals, checking for desired consistency.

Enjoy your Green Goodness Juice promptly for freshness.

Did you try our family favorite recipe? Share your favorite recipes for juices and smoothies with niecyisms and nestlings. Remember, I'm not a 'Gourmet Goddess', yet. Please, keep it plain and simple!