An Exclusive Look at the Trending Four Gift Holiday Gift-Giving Guide

I am all about playing by the rules. It is now official and the ground rules have been set. My kids, like so many other excited girls and boys, envision the most extravagant, indulgent presents to be wrapped up perfectly, glittering and gleaming with their names tagged upon a big, red bow. In our home it is an understanding that writing a Christmas list is a general guideline, not an unsolicited list of demands. As part of our lessons in minimalism and gratitude, as well as a means of discouraging materialism within our family, here's an exclusive look at "The Four Gift Holiday Gift Giving Guide" adapted from "The Four Gift Rule".

The Four Gift Holiday Gift-Giving Guide

The Four Gift Rule

The Four Gift Rule is an ideal concept in teaching families the importance of balancing our needs versus our wants, especially during the holiday season. As parents begin the decision-making process as to holiday gifts, the Four Gift Holiday Gift Giving Guide suggests a selection of four holiday gifts for each person, Something They Wear, Something They Read, Something They Want, Something They Need.

Knowing our kids from the incessant, joyful banter (ha!), we can easily keep each child's four gifts in mind before the holidays for best selection and competitive prices. We also use the time before the holidays to remind our kids of the importance of givebacks. Attempting to maintain a sense of value and appreciation, we regularly encourage our kids to "share the wealth". Those items that are no longer utilized, such as toys, books, clothing or electronics, would more than likely be appreciated by someone else able to put them to good use. Setting the stage for another of my "niecyisms"- "Before you get, you must give."  So far, so good. We do sometimes receive more gifts than I am comfortable with receiving, however, we encourage gratitude regardless of the size, quantity or personal preferences. It is always best to remember that someone took time and consideration to think of them specifically, and as cliche as it may sound- it's the thought that counts.

How will The Four Gift Holiday Gift-Giving Guide work for you this holiday season?

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