40 Ways to Change Your Life in 40 Days

Change is a powerful motivator. When we want to propel ourselves to the next level, we have to make a conscious choice to abandon chance to work toward change. Many of us use the season of Lent, a season of sacrifice, to commit to making a change in our lives within this forty-day observance. Religious or personal, the decision to change areas of your life in  need of self-improvement is solely for you to decide. Take a look at this beginner's guide list of 40 ways to change your life in 40 days. I'm ready to make a change, are you up for the challenge? Let's do this!

40 Ways to Change Your Life in 40 Days

Alright, change is truly inevitable. Time is constantly changing, the days are changing, the weeks, the years, the people and circumstances that surround us and- you get the idea. Everything changes. Making the proactive decision to embrace change and open the windows of opportunity for a better quality of life can help us to foster the good in life. Avoiding the ways of being a creature of habit, we are empowered to become commanders of our lives. Take back your power and live the life that you deserve.

1. Skip Social Media

2. Forgo the Fast Food

3. Chuck Chocolate

4. Avoid All Alcohol

5. Cold Turkey on Coffee

6. Steer Clear of Snacking

7. Knock Out Knuckle-Cracking

8. Miss Out on Music

9. Calm Down the Complaining

10. Rule Over Road Rage

11. Pass on Pizza

12. Go Pass the Gluten

13. Meals Minus Meat

14. Shake Away Sugar

15. Ease Past Energy Drinks

16. Shuffle by Soda

17. Break-Up with Bread

18. Power Over Profanity

19. Chomp No Cheese

20. Smash Out Smoking

21. Make Down without Make-Up

22. Shy Away from Sex

23. Cut Out Cookies

24. Flick Away Fried Food

25. Ship Away Shopping

26. Tune Out TV

27. Don't to Donuts

28. Ice Out Ice Cream

29. Cast Away Carbs

30. Dodge Dairy

31. Clear Past Caffeine

32. Jump Back from Juice

33. Turn Off Technology

34. Curb the Clutter

35. Bypass Bad Habits

36. Evade the Elevator

37. Lay Off Late Nights

38. Ditch Driving

39. Slash Out Slacking

40. Draw Out Drama

Honestly, this list could continue forever. Incorporating ways to change our lives may be as small as waking up 20 minutes earlier to meditate in silence and gratitude or as significant as training body and mind for a global expedition. In forty days we can bring about transformation- that's extraordinary. Don't play small, record, share and celebrate your lifestyle changes, all stemming from one small sacrifice- change. The decision to change alone is noteworthy, the follow-through is revolutionary. Start your revolution today!

Denise Murray Wong

Hi! I'm Denise, a media-friendly, New York based, freelance writer with a background in Early Childhood Education. My blog, niecyisms and nestlings focuses on everyday living, family, parenting life and style, and healthy lifestyles. Denise and her husband, along with their three wonderful children and two rescued cats live in the rural mountains within the beautiful scenic Hudson Valley of Upstate, NY.