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5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Did you know that Earth Day was founded in 1969 by Wisconsin Senator, Gaylord Nelson? Recognized as a monumental milestone in environmental activism, Earth Day unites us in support of addressing our concerns about our impact on the ecological quality of our air, our water, and our soil. Improved actions toward conservation, recycling, and sustainability are most effectively cultivated through a simple appreciation for the beauty of the world in which we live. Welcoming in the simplicity of discovering creative ways for us to be able to do more with less has a significant influence on our environment. Seemingly small movements create a powerful effect as the level of participation expands its reach. Raising the level of environmental awareness for future generations inheriting the Earth is a vital element to protecting our planet. Take a pledge to share this message verbally or digitally with family and friends to start the conversation about the benefits of these 5 creative ways to celebrate Earth Day every day.

5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Sustain & Maintain

Researching new and creative ways to reduce and reuse materials by routinely recycling into newer products or upcycling into cooler projects. Choosing to use less energy and resources can be simply done by hiking, biking, walking, air drying laundry, push-mowing your lawn, or even using a rainwater collection basin.

Power Down

Earth Hour is an impactful hour when millions of citizens from all around the world collectively turn off the lights and power down to focus directly on environmental matters. Follow #Connect2Earth to join the conversation.

Branch Out

Flex your green thumb by supporting nonprofit organizations such as Alliance for Community Trees working nationally to improve greenification by planting and caring for trees. Another way to branch out your support, Arbor Day Foundation is a significant green living game-changer hosting tree planting events, many dedicated to planting in areas affected by destruction from natural disasters such as hurricanes and fires.

Recycle Right

Two quick tips Recycle Across America wants you to know-
- ALWAYS recycle empty bottles, jugs, cans, cardboard, and newspaper. 
- NEVER put plastic bags/wrap, food, food-related paper waste, tissue, shredded paper, clothing, furniture, batteries, hoses, prescription bottles, or needles in recycling bins.

Gift & Thrift

Investing in high quality means less quantity. Purchasing better-crafted items such as furniture, clothing or shoes which can be passed along as secondhand goods extends the purpose of materials. Gifting and thrifting household items are fantastic ways to share treasured items or save money on needed items.