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Welcome to my Book Nook.  Take a look at some of the amazing reads that I have enjoyed reading and reviewing. Have a recommendation for me to read or review?  Don't keep me in suspense!  What's hot?

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Life Lessons Learned Sharing the Gift of Reading

What's It Like Living Green? - Jill Ammon Vanderwood

Off the Edge of the Map: Marco Polo, Captain Cook, and 9 Other Travelers and Explorers That Pushed the Boundaries of the Known World - Michael Rank

The COVER Series Double Cover Reveal by - Kim Black

Always Going - Gwen Campbell

39 Day Lifescape - Become a Better You - Jaha Knight

Jack Canon's Women of the House - Greg Sandora

Money Making Mamas: Ditch Your Boss, Stay Home & Make Decent Income Working Online - Lisa Kroulik

Self Confidence: How To Overcome Shyness, Worry And Boost Your Self Esteem - Anastasia Verg

Too Much Information - David Haskell

Teaching Kids To Be Good People - Annie Fox Ph.D