Friday's Five Give Backs

In our home, I frequently remind our children of a quote that I learned during my Middle School years, our school motto- "To whom much is given, much is required."  This quote I had always attributed to the school's namesake, Phillipa Schuyler, later learning the Biblical  scripture origins. Of course, though my children are more fortunate than countless faces of children living in poverty here in America and in nations great and small across the globe, their comparisons are to those seemingly blessed to have possessions that they long to have. Our response, if it is meant to be, it will be. Does this scenario sound familiar?

While gratitude is definitely a work in progress, sacrifice is surprisingly a more successful endeavor for our family. Three ways our children are encourage to "give back" are by donating material items to others, sharing time as a volunteer to individuals, causes, charities of interest and through financial contributions that directly impact where there is dire need. Look into the following ways that unused or unwanted everyday items can become a "Give Back" to support the efforts of some inspiring charitable organizations. The "Win-Win" situation is always a motivating factor, consider this- less extraneous possessions, benefits to recipients in need and our environment's landfills are spared unnecessary waste. I also recommend asking about the possibility of receiving a tax-deductible donation receipt when donating to not-for-profits. We all win. 


Unneeded eyeglasses can be donated to New Eyes for The Needy or to your local Lions Clubs International to economically help people here in the United States and worldwide to enjoy better vision. 

Stuffed Plush Animals

Stuffed Animals For Emergencies (SAFE) collects new-nearly new stuffed plush animals to children in need of a soft touch during hard times. 


Technology becomes outdated pretty much at the moment of purchase, unfortunately. Music & Memory accepts working iPods to provide to patients. 

Formal Wear

Through Operation PROM and The Cinderella Project donations of formal dresses, tuxedos, evening bags and similar attire and accessories are given to appreciative high school students in an effort to help their families to reduce and in many cases eliminate the exorbitant costs of attending prom. 


One World Running and Soles 4 Souls accept donations of new and gently used shoes to donate to organizations and individuals in the U.S. and internationally.  Shipping fees may be required for some donations.

Here are a just few great "Give Backs" to get started with in your home or with a group or organization.  The ingenious ways to give back to our communities, our environment, our world are so vast and varied.  If each one of us dedicated just a little of ourselves to give back through our time and talents,  personal resources or financial support, just imagine the impact we could make as we address global issues.  Who's in?  Share your stories of giving back and other avenues to give back to the world we all share.  

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