Featured Editorial

An Open Letter From niecyisms to You

Hey Faves!

Written on the pages are my true and innermost feelings, thoughts and realities.  They are the expressions of my acknowledgement and acceptance, my pride and humility of being me.  As I began my attempt to assemble this collection of writings, the most prevalent doubt that I had was that there would be misinterpretations as to the content of my character.  In the end, I decided that this was a challenge I was willing to accept.  I surmise that readers will either understand and perhaps relate or not.  It has taken much time and growth for me to gain the realization that the ways in which I am looked upon by others is secondary to the ways in which I look upon myself.

I reveal to all, the multitude of ingredients for the recipe that encompasses the uniqueness of me.  While it is seemingly quite possible, for one to present the image that is most desirable to embody as their own image, the image most socially acceptable - I do not.  In contrast, I am revealing the sensitive and assertive as necessary, creative yet at times reclusive, indefinable characteristics of myself.  It can be debated as to whether these characteristics are learned, inherited or genuinely originate from within my being.  To me, these are simply the many layers of me, I unfold the mystique and originality of my persona and on some levels, find commonality with many.  The ability to describe oneself in a straight forward, for-what-it-is manner is an effort in itself, but to share insight is a more effective means of letting another person develop "you" in their minds.  The accuracy of the interpretation is subject to the mind at hand.

I accept myself as a complex compilation of emotions, thoughts and ideas.  As you are experiencing my writing, created during various phases of my life, I leave all evolution of character to you - the reader.  Rather than deliver an attempt to emphasize a more favorable characteristic and downplay a less productive energy, I am stimulating your perception.  Be challenged and enjoy!