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Friday's Fact or Fiction is Just Batty

Friday's Fact or Fiction is Just Batty

Is it a proven fact that when flying out of a cave bats will always venture out to their left or is this really fictional, just another batty myth?

Well, let's find out a little more about bats!

Here are some theories to consider. Bats instinctively fly to the left for safety reasons. It is an easier flight for the bats that know how to go with the flow of flight rather that working against the masses. Maybe. The phases of the moon have an effect on bats and the ocean's tidal currents. Bats will fly towards the moon which is on their left side. Really? Always? A bats use of echolocation, high-pitched sounds enable them to determine the location, size and shape of nearby objects. (Some people are able to use echolocation) Bats will fly in the direction of unobstructed open space, which is helpful when there is no left exit. Perhaps?

How about these facts? Chiropterology is the study of bats. Bats are the only mammals that are able to fly. Bring on your best batty facts. Sharing is caring!