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Sasquatch's Sidekick

Photo Credit: niecyisms

I have my Cuckoo Chronicles and I guess the sub chapter would have to be my 10 year-old son's Magical Magnetism. For the purpose of blogging, I affectionately refer to him as "Dr. Dreams" and  his signature goofy grin and laughter attest to the truth of the alias.  He's as smart as can be, always up to something complicated, incessantly whistling and/or talking and has an innate joy for life; especially if it delivers the ethereal Golden Retriever he dreams of owning.  Dr. Dreams is a charmer, he has charisma that is most often compared to that of a politician or a car dealer.  I don't know what it is, that je n'ai sais quoi.  There is a twinkle in his eyes that just draws people to him, not to mention that infectious smile of his.

Wherever we go, he just is in the midst of things, the chosen one. When our family stopped to enjoy a performance in New York City's Grand Central Terminal, an awesome police officer gave him one of his personal NYC Police patches, just because my son smiled and waved at the officer when we arrived. In Colonial Williamsburg, he went to get a better view for a photograph and the next thing we know he's playing "hoop and stick" and dancing in Patrick Henry's Parade. Here comes Six Flags' mascot Sasquatch stomping and scaring the little ones, guess who gets a big high-five and the furriest bear hug of his life. That's my boy! (and his smile of smiles!)

It's so funny that at times I try to keep Dr. Dreams out of the limelight to give others a chance to shine. As he's grown and remains as charismatic as ever, I have come to realize that this is just who he is blessed to be.  We acknowledge and accept that his personality and his gift for gab are part of his Magical Magnetism and we let him be.  We have even come to expect as much from being able to be a part of the Wonderful World of "Dr. Dreams".  We only ask that he uses his Magical Magnetism powers for good.  Love, love and more love!