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Confessions of a Recalled Toy Rebel Mom

Photo Credit: niecyisms
I have to make a confession.  I plead guilty, without contest.  We have been in possession of toy contraband for the past 7 years. I finally broke the news to my unknowing accomplice, my 10 year old son, Dr. Dreams, and now to the world.

My son enjoyed constructing amazing new structures connected by magnetic mysticism. Each masterpiece was a combination of the strategic whimsy of play and the unbridled vision of creativity. This was truly a guilty indulgence. My son innocently indulging in open-ended constructive play, after which I guiltily stored the toys in a small plastic storage bin with the corporate return mailer that I had previously requested upon first learning of the product recall in 2006. I had to come clean.

Research on the product recall easily resulted in information from the company's corporate offices providing details pertaining to the return of the recalled toy, instructions for the processing of the returned merchandise and options for age-appropriate product substitutions. The toy company's handling of the toy recall was as concise and helpful 7 years after the initial media frenzy of the recall, as it was during the initial call to action of the first responders to the situation.

I am absolutely not condoning my behavior. It was by no means appropriate for me to knowingly ignore the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recall and allow my child to continue to play with a potentially dangerous toy. The decision was negligent on my part, regardless of my son's level of maturity and my supervision during play. The fatalities and injuries suffered as a result of unsafe toys, clothing and other products pose a very real threat and I strongly advocate for caregivers to research and maintain current information on recalled products. The CSPC (www.cpsc.gov) is a reliable resource that provides accurate recall details and corporate contacts for resolutions, replacement procedures or compensation if applicable.

On March 31, 2006, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) ordered a recall of all Magnetix brand magnetic building sets. The official CPSC recall notice was issued after one death of a small child and four serious injuries requiring surgery. "Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed," according to the recall notice.

Time to share... What are your parenting confessions?