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Finish The Sentence Friday #1 1/4/13

Finish the Sentence Friday

“I went to the grocery store the other day, and…”
that was how it all started. No one ever saw it coming, most especially not me. I wasn't prepared for it, and the truth of the matter is, my son wasn't prepared for it either. The object of his desire proved to be the embodiment of love at first sight. He saw no one and nothing else. He set his sights on the tempting flesh before him and he had to have it right there and right then.

I was a little embarrassed as not only myself, but everyone around us could see his visible frustration at not being able to get to what he wanted. The temptation was overwhelming, consuming him. His face flushed. He could barely speak. I had to intervene, it was no longer appropriate. I reached out discreetly, with a noticeably trembling hand and made contact. I touched the cool, smooth skin, even though I knew I shouldn't. I gave him what he so desperately longed for, even though I knew it was wrong, so very wrong. His eyes remained focused, his grasp intense, his passion satiated. I allowed him his desire, I gave that grape to him. He had to have it, there's no other way, that's why he's my Baby Determination.


  1. Wow, that was intense. I could FEEL his desire for that grape. Thanks for finishing the sentence and linking up!

  2. nice, enjoyable Post to read and fun to try and figure out how it's done.*

    * am still in the learn from everyone phase of blog writing, not that I don't enjoy reading for it's own sake, but there is an extra dimension now

  3. Ooh that was good...very clever and so cute how it ended. Glad to be here via the blog hop!

  4. LOL! Never saw the ending coming. Great style! :)


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