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Finish The Sentence Friday #2 1/11/13

“One of the most embarrassing things I ever did was..."
just one of those things that happen. I was at work and I was feeling horrible with the onset of a cold. I was the Director of a Pre-School, with a day that was hours away from that glorious moment when all of our little ones have been returned to their families, all of the toys, puzzles, supplies and equipment have been returned to their proper places and we lock the doors leaving only an atomic bomb of disinfectant to circulate in our absence.   I had to keep going and finish strong otherwise the little ones, sensing my weakness, could overturn the delicate balance of power at anytime. The students were still quiet during the sacred rest hour and I knew I had to get myself together quickly, rest time can't last forever, there are laws about that stuff, go figure. 
A staff member had give everyone an over-the-counter cold medication that she received when working at a pharmaceutical company. I had never taken the medication previously and it was labelled to alleviate more symptoms than I had manifested, but I was desperate and read the dosage instructions and took the meds anyway.  I went back to work unpacking a recent delivery of supplies and waited for the medication to take effect.  That's the last thing I remember for a while.  Here is where the whole embarrassing situation comes in. 
I hear one of my teachers calling, "Ms. D, Ms. D, Are you alright?" Well, as I wake up from my drug induced nap, I find myself sprawled out on the floor of my office, wedging the door closed and thanking God that Ms. J hadn't panicked and called 911.  All I needed was a chalk outline. It was a crazy scene!  I quickly recovered, picked myself up from the floor where I had at some point decided to go night-night and put my game face back on. I briefly explained that I had taken over-the-counter medication and possibly had taken a teeny tiny bit more meds than I needed and escorted the teacher back into her classroom. It's a good thing I still couldn't focus my eyes well enough to see the side eye I was getting after that little episode. 
I not only made it through the day, but I was able to dance a little dance in our atomic bomb of Lysol before turning the key to lock our doors for night.  Victory, aside from the little drugged out on the floor thingy.  

Next week’s sentence to finish: “The last time I went on vacation, I…


  1. I was a teacher and even taught pre-school age kids in summer camp setting, so I could relate to how you were feeling and worrying that as you put it the little one could definitely overturn the power shift. I have been sick myself while teaching and remember dragging through the day trying to make it through. I loved your story though and how you took the medicine just hoping for a bit of relieve. Thanks seriously for sharing and linking up with us again!!

  2. Ugh! I made the mistake of taking an OTC with some vitamins and ended up having to see the on site Doctor who had his secretary drive me home and drink a gallon of water to flush my system. He called me every hour for 3 hours to check on me. *blush*

  3. OMG, I never knew OTC drugs could have such impacts. Wow! That would definitely be embarrassing, to find yourself flat out on the floor, like you were drunk or something. Thanks for linking up!


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