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Finish The Sentence Friday #3 1/18/13

Finish The Sentence Friday #3 1/18/13

“The last time I went on vacation, I…"
had a great time with our family enjoying the breath-takingly scenic views of the mountains, lakes and shores of New York's Hudson Valley. Lots of pics, lots of fun, good times for all. That's not the story that comes to mind to share at the moment. I'm remembering the time we were on a flight traveling home from a fun, family vacation in, where else but... Orlando, Florida.

My daughter was 8 years old and my son was 2 years old at the time. We traveled to Florida just as a hurricane had passed through the area and in the aftermath, there were flight delays, scattered power outages, downed trees and power lines thought the area; with the exception of the major theme parks where the $how mu$t go on.

We had a great vacation, enjoying my son's first visit to Disney World and chasing their favorite costumed characters for their autographs. As we wearily checked out of the hotel and prepared for our 7:00am return flight home (there is no way I booked that flight), the airlines were still making arrangements to accommodate passengers from flights canceled as a result of the hurricane. We offered to give up our seats and were given seats on a later flight and free round trip tickets to anywhere the airline travels. Those tickets are how we got to Disneyland the following year.

We slept for a while in the airport, fed the kids and boarded our flight home, exhausted. No sooner than the plane took off, we all fell asleep. As I slept, I had dreams I couldn't recall that were actually foul in nature. When I say foul, they were absolutely rotten. Can you smell in dreams? Then the smell was lemony and disinfecting. I awoke to the flight crew's landing instructions and wondered what could these dreams mean? Well! In the excitement of spending 6 hours in the airport, I let my 2 year old drink undiluted orange juice. He was potty-trained but wearing a Pull-Up because we were traveling and excuse my language, but holy crap! The juice upset his little tummy and he slept as the orange juice 'ran its course' and violated the air up there. It was so horrible that the flight attendants were spraying lemony fresh disinfectant, I think it was coming right from the overhead vents.

As we were preparing for landing, I made eye contact with their father still asleep a few rows behind us and discreetly handed him the offending child and his Hot Wheels backpack. I don't know what he did or how he did it, that was a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" situation, but that plane landed with both of my children and myself securely fastened in there seats, refreshed and smelling lemony fresh. Memories...


  1. Denise, I could totally picture the smell two having just went through potty training with my two girls in the last two years. Great story and thank you so very much for linking up again this week. Hope you will link-up again next week, too ::

  2. Oh man, flying with kids is rough. I've done it too many times. Always ends up making a great story though. Thanks for linking up!


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