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Five Question Friday 1/4/13

1. Have you set any goals/resolutions for 2013?

I always have the goal of becoming better organized and more efficient in my time management. Family time and spiritual time are also areas where I am always tweaking. With all of that and our everyday busyness/business, I keep the goal of peace (in my mind, at least) as a constant tease.

2. Have you made any travel/vacation plans for 2013?

I plan to travel the world in 2013. Thank God for the Travel Channel!

3. What room is never cleaned in your house?

Our bedroom. :( The moment it's clean, the children must come in to give their creative/counterproductive input.

4. What food must be in your house at all times?

Cheese! American, Cheddar, Swiss, Muenster, Mozzarella, Provolone, Parmesan, Ricotta, even Cream Cheese will do. We will find something to put it on!

5. Are you a hugger or more of a hands off person?

Huggie Hugger! (((hugs))) Hugs are fun! (in my Yo Gabba Gabba voices)


  1. Oh man, I love cheese! Why do I have to be lactose intolerant? :( Loved your answer to #2! Have a blessed weekend.

  2. Stopping by from the 5QF! It seems the bedroom is the common theme I'm seeing-mine included!
    Best wishes to you on reaching your goals-I am very much the same, hoping to become more efficient. This year I made a better plan for it, so here's to all of us doing better!
    Happy New Year!

  3. Stopping by to say a hello and i am usually a shake hands person but eventually if the person sends good vibes...could give a hug too :)

    happy new year!


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