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Happy Holiday VoxBox, From Influenster

My happy holidays were even happier when I came home to find a Holiday VoxBox from Influenster filled with goodies and awaiting my arrival. Inside of the Holiday VoxBox I was pleasantly surprised to find Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal, NYC New York Color Liquid Lip Shine, Kiss Nail Dress Fashion Strips,  EBOOST Natural Energy Supplement, a 25% discount code for Sole Society and Goody QuikStyle Brush.  Here are highlights of my featured product "News and Reviews".

QuakerReal Medleys Oatmeal comes in fourflavor varieties – Apple Walnut, Cherry Pistachio, Peach Almond and I tastedthe Summer Berry Oatmeal.  The SummerBerry variety is “oatmeal plus ripe strawberries, whole blueberries, raspberriesand multigrains”. 
Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal was an easyaddition to incorporate to breakfast because each serving comes in a convenient,individual container that is portable and disposable, eliminating the need towash dishes or travel with dishes when on the go.  I simply opened the container and added wateras described on the package’s instructions and microwaved accordingly.  I followed the instructions and gave theoatmeal an additional heating in the microwave because I love my oatmealsteaming hot.  I became a fan with thefirst spoonful of the instant oatmeal full of delicious strawberries,blueberries and raspberries.  The tastewas so fresh, I was happy to start off a cold day with a warm and nutritiousbreakfast that was prepared in minutes.

Nude York City,the name says it all.  The glossy yetneutral shine is a winner.  NYC New York Color Liquid Lip Shinegoes where I go.  The colorsoffered are absolutely complimentary to practically all skin tones and most importantly,any outfit.  The NYC New York Color Liquid Lip Shine colors available are FashionAvenue Fuchsia, Honey on the Hudson, Wine & Dine, City’s Clear, Peach Melbaand my fave, Nude York City.  The consistencyof the lip gloss gives a smooth and even application.  It is has a light fragrance and leaves apleasant taste on your lips after applying. Reasonably priced and available at many retailers, NYC New York Color Liquid Lip Shine is an affordable and convenient lip gloss that is ageappropriate for any fashionista or frugalista.

Kiss Nail Dress Fashion Strips are so much fun and come in a variety of fashionable, contemporary designs that appealto any style.  I applied Kiss Nail Dress Fashion Strips in the Sexypattern. The fun cheetah printstands out yet compliments my favorite LBD (Little Black Dress) or just about anyoutfit and absolutely attracts attention.  I most lovedthat the strips are so easy to apply and remove without having to purchase anyspecial chemical remover product or tool.  When applying, find the stripthat best fits your fingernail and peel the strip away from the sheet andcarefully apply to your nails.  File awaythe excess at the tip with the nail file included in the package; an at-home manicurethat should last up to ten days without peeling.  KissNail Dress Fashion Strips come in 28 different styles in vibrant colors,creative patterns, with shiny jewels, as well as five styles that are 2 looksin 1 for either a full nail application or a French Manicure style manicure.

The Goody QuikStyle Brush  is a basic paddle style hairbrush that hasmicrofiber, sponge bristles and open side vents that help to decrease theamount of time needed for drying and styling. “It’s like a towel and a brush in one.”  I towel dried my freshly washed hair as usualand sectioned my hair with the Goody QuikStyleBrush.  The microfiber bristles didhave the absorbency effect of a towel as I sectioned and detangled my hairfirst, then used the blow dryer in combination with the brush.  I will admit that my blow dryer was used alittle less than I would dry my hair on a regular day.  I will also admit that in the end I didresort to using my regular hair brush to style my hair.  The GoodyQuikStyle Brush comes in the Half Round Styler Brush and the Paddle Brushwhich I used for this review.  I reallylike the ingenious microfiber bristles and the side vented brush for detanglingand drying my hair.  The microfiberbristles are antimicrobial and can be cleaned easily with your regular shampoo.  I look forward to warm weather where the blowdryer can be eliminated and the Goody QuikStyle Brush can be used to style andgo.

I was given theopportunity to sample Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal,  NYC New York Color Liquid Lip Shine, Kiss Nail DressFashion Strips and Goody QuikStyle Brush as part of the Holiday VoxBox from Influenster.  I received the products for review and have been offered no other compensation.  The opinions and review reported are my personal thoughts, under no influence from the corporate sponsors.