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Finish The Sentence Friday #8 2/22/13

”Speaking from experience, I’m going to give you a little advice on…”

being able to live, laugh and love through your own edition of the Cuckoo Chronicles. What, you ask are the Cuckoo Chronicles? Well, we all have experienced those moments in our lives when it just seems everything and everyone everywhere became committed to cuckoo. There is no clearer way to explain the moments because they are simply inexplicable. That's why my advise is to leave them in the Cuckoo Chronicles and the world (and your life too) will be better for it.

Let's start with the random Cuckoo one just might happen upon. For instance, the biker in the deer antler Viking helmet we gawked at as we enjoyed a casual family day at the waterfront. Why? I have no possible way of ever knowing, but its chronicled and here's a picture!

Photo Credit: niecyisms
I can share our family's Cuckoo Chronicles forever. How is it that we had a poor snake in our driveway that unfortunately managed to be run over by two cars in 15 minutes before meeting it's final moments? Again, no idea. Daddy comes home and thought he was rolling over a twig just as the "twig" starts to slither away. He then proceeds to wrangle the snake away from our yard with a broom handle, as I observe from a safe distance upstairs in our bedroom. Daddy, The Protector rationalizes that the potential for the return of the snake calls for higher level security measures. The violator should not only be removed from the premises but sent hurdling across the two lanes of traffic in front of our home. Long story short, it didn't happen and is fondly entered into my Cuckoo Chronicles.

My kids, My 3D Angels are chronicled on a regular, more than likely daily basis. My teenaged daughter that managed to have us rush through our after-school routine to a college Accepted Students reception the day before the actual Accepted Students reception. That perfect parking spot was an omen that life was too good to be true. It was all just cuckoo. My 10 year old son that was so convincingly horrible at the optometrist's office that I began believe myself that he was not only on the verge of blindness but also color blind. Why? Again, I can't answer but I do suspect it had a lot to do with the smart kids on TV wearing glasses. Even my little one year old has made his way into the Cuckoo Chronicles. He is the little whiz kid that not only controls my iPhone, he's also taught me how to use features? How? I don't know, but when he speaks in complete sentences- watch out world!

So my advise on managing your Cuckoo Chronicles is... it's not you, it's them! Live, laugh, love and enjoy your Cuckoo Chronicles, in time.

Next week’s sentence to finish: ”You want to know what I think of social media? I think…”