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Finish The Sentence Friday #9 3/1/13

”You want to know what I think of social media? I think…”

Life is Not Facebook for niecyisms.  There has to be a new "next best thing" on my scene, and let it come soon. It is almost an embarrassment to admit how my life has become a living, breathing, interactive Facebook page. In an effort to not saturate you with all of the minute details of the niecyisms experience, chronicled so efficiently in the "About" button on my timeline, I have spared you all of the glory details and selected viewed only by me.

It goes without saying that I must be connected to a social network if I care to be relevant amongst anybody who's anybody. So, I must log in and yes, remember me, keep me logged in and please enable those cookies. I have no time to stop and enter my user name and I couldn't tell you my password, even if I remembered it. Let's fast forward through all of the formalities and security stuff and get right to the good part, did I say keep me logged in?

So often I find myself in the middle of an everyday situation and the urge is there. "I have to remember to post this as my status update." Even as recently as last night, I started preparing this article and we lost power due to windy conditions and torrential rain, the urge was there, even if the electricity was not. On any given day, even with my trusty sidekick, my ride or die, (I thought that she did die once) iPhone and our temperamental wifi reception, I must resist temptation. In these cases, I resort to captioning status updates in my mind and if you only knew...
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Not often does a day pass where I fail to meet that one special person that didn't get the 'Life Is Not Facebook' memo. Their randomly stated, public decree of their status updates entice me to post my comment or two in response. Yet again, I resist temptation, shake my head (smh), and eagerly await the golden opportunity to become one with Facebook.

I can't help but wonder as I am standing in line waiting to check out or talking to other parents at school functions; what does your profile picture look like? How many friends does our optometrist have? Has the mail carrier ever Facebook stalked me? Very easy, given my name and more personal information than I care to imagine is in your hands each day. Would they add me if I sent them a Facebook friend request? Would I accept their request if our Facebook paths were to ever cross? I probably have already accepted their requests, time to do some soul searching and delete some "friends".

Umm, where is the deactivate account link? Sometimes, enough is more than enough. With all of the interactivity of technology that we are so fluently competent using, it does become an obsession, an infringement, an invasion of our privacy. Does social networking mean we must constantly be linked to one another's every status update, posted picture, notification, like, comment and share? Follow my blog, like my page, join my Facebook group and you can even send me a friend request for my real thoughts, my niecyisms.

Next week’s sentence to finish: ”I tried to cook…”


  1. Great thoughts on this and think we all have had these from time-to-time. Thanks as always for linking up with us!!

  2. Wow, I never thought about "what does your facebook profile look like?" when I stand in line with people. Now, however, I probably always will...ha. Not sure that's a good thing. And I hear you on wondering who has stalked you! Scary stuff. Hopefully, not MY mail carrier as he's a bit creepy.

    1. Just my random thoughts, please don't let my cuckoo contaminate your thinking. It's me not you! ;)

  3. I am to Twitter like you are to Facebook. Social media is bot great and overwhelming. Sometimes I just have to walk away.

    1. Social Media Addiction is a real issue and I am so particular that I refuse to cross the line into addiction. Moderation is the way to go. BTW, am I following you on twitter? lol @niecy1219


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