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News and Reviews on Goody QuikStyle Brush

Photo Credit: niecyisms

Goody has given a solution to hair drying that was so simple tosee, we didn’t see it coming.  The Goody QuikStyle Brush  is a basic paddle style hairbrush that hasmicrofiber, sponge bristles and open side vents that help to decrease theamount of time needed for drying and styling. “It’s like a towel and a brush in one.”

I have a lot ofhair.  The daily maintenance of my hairis time consuming to say the least.  I amready, willing and able to embrace any product that will reduce the amount oftime needed to streamline my hair care regime, within reason, of course.  I towel dried my freshly washed hair as usualand sectioned my hair with the Goody QuikStyleBrush.  The microfiber bristles didhave the absorbency effect of a towel as I sectioned and detangled my hairfirst, then used the blow dryer in combination with the brush.  I will admit that my blow dryer was used alittle less than I would dry my hair on a regular day.  I will also admit that in the end I didresort to using my regular hair brush to style my hair.  The GoodyQuikStyle Brush comes in the Half Round Styler Brush and the Paddle Brushwhich I used for this review.  I reallylike the ingenious microfiber bristles and the side vented brush for detanglingand drying my hair.  The microfiberbristles are antimicrobial and can be cleaned easily with your regular shampoo.  I look forward to warm weather where the blowdryer can be eliminated and the Goody QuikStyle Brush can be used to style andgo.

I was given theopportunity to sample Goody QuikStyle Brush as part of the Holiday VoxBox from Influenster.  I received the product for review and havebeen offered no other compensation.  Theopinions and review reported are my personal thoughts, under no influence fromthe corporate sponsors.