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News and Reviews on NYC New York Color Liquid Lip Shine

Photo Credit: niecyisms
Nude York City,the name says it all.  The glossy yetneutral shine is a winner.  NYC New York Color Liquid Lip Shinegoes where I go.  The cold, winterweather can make it difficult to apply lipstick, which sometime has thetendency to have a drying effect when applied. Lip Balm is great for rejuvenating the softness to your lips that theenvironment has depleted, however it is not as colorful, fun or as sexy aswearing lipstick.  Then I tried NYC New York Color liquid Lip Shine. 

The colorsoffered are absolutely complimentary to practically all skin tones and most importantly,any outfit.  The NYC New York City Liquid Lip Shine colors available are FashionAvenue Fuchsia, Honey on the Hudson, Wine & Dine, City’s Clear, Peach Melbaand my fave, Nude York City.  The consistencyof the lip gloss gives a smooth and even application.  It is has a light fragrance and leaves apleasant taste on your lips after applying. Reasonably priced and available at many retailers, NYC New York CityLiquid Lip Shine is an affordable and convenient lip gloss that is ageappropriate for any fashionista or frugalista.

I was given theopportunity to sample NYC New York Color Liquid Lip Shine as part of the Holiday Vox Box from Influenster.  I received the product for review and havebeen offered no other compensation.  Theopinions and review reported are my personal thoughts, under no influence fromthe corporate sponsors.