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Featured Author Interview - Christine Steendam, Author, Heart Like an Ocean

Give Me 5 & Tell Me Why with Christine Steendam-
Author, Heart Like An Ocean

HeartLikeAnOcean-Cover.jpgIn a society where she doesn't belong, SenonaMontez, a strong-willed and free-spirited woman refuses to follow the pathexpected of a Don's only child.
On the eve of her marriage to a stranger, she saddles her horse and fleeseverything she knows, only to discover the petty concerns of society did notprepare her for the harsh life on the open sea. She finds an unlikely protectorin a reckless privateer, Brant Foxton.
Straddling the worlds of independence and privilege in 1600's Europe, thiscaptivating man challenges her in ways she never thought possible, shows herwhat living to the fullest really means, and allows her to follow her heartwherever it leads.

Christine has been writing stories since she could put pen to paper and form words. Now,fifteen years later, her debut novel is released and her second book is in the works.
Christine has spent the better half of her life owning and working with horses,and these four legged companions often find their way into her stories. Afterall, no work of women’s fiction would be complete without a horse or two--In her opinion at least ;)
She currently makes her home in the center of the world—no, really. Look at an atlas.

Welcome, Christine.  The promotion and marketing of Heart Like An Ocean is most certainly demanding. Thanks for taking time to get to know more about you and your debut novel.  To begin, here’s a challenge from my blog- In one sentence, who are you?

CS- I am a writer, wife and mother that loves adventure and is always looking for the next life experience.

That's a very detailed description of yourself.  I am sure many of us can relate to you on a personal level.  From concept to completion, how would you describe the process of writing and publishing Heart Like An Ocean?

CS- Write, write, write, edit, send to beta readers, edit, edit, send to editor, edit, submit, sign contract, edit, edit, edit, publish. That’s about it in a nutshell.

The entire process can be tedious and frustrating, yet the justification is the published book. Where did you find your inspiration for the title and story of Heart Like An Ocean?

CS- The main character, Senona, has to go through many changes throughout the book, but she is always a free spirit, much like the ocean. To me the ocean is always changing, always adapting, but always free… and it seemed like the best way to encompass Senona’s story.

The ever-changing spirit of the ocean is a beautifully symbolic comparison.  What was the most significant obstacle to your dedication to complete Heart Like An Ocean?

CS- Self-esteem. I never thought it was good enough. It was my husband that finally pushed me to hire an editor and submit it. If not for him I’d probably be going over a 6th draft and telling people it’s just not ready yet.

That is a very true statement, with self-esteem and a strong support system, you have the motivation to overcome obstacles.  What has been your strategy to effectively market Heart Like An Ocean? What avenues have been most successful for your genre?

CS- Strategy? I’m learning as I go! Haha. My biggest thing is help other authors out as much as possible and don’t just go around trying to sell my book. Whether that is working or not only time will tell. The main avenues I use are Facebook, Twitter and my blog. I like to try and connect with people instead of just putting ads out there.

Don’t be a stranger, please stay connected and share the best way for your readers and fans to stay in contact.

Tell Me Why- Sunrise or Sunset?
CS- Sunset. Here in Manitoba we have the best sunsets. The land is completely flat and you can see the sun go all the way down below the horizon without any interruption from hills or mountains. Plus, I’m never awake for Sunrises.
Thank you again, Christine, for your time and cooperation for this interview.  Heart Like An Ocean is available now! Amazon: Heart Like an OceanSmashwords Barnes & Noble iTunes Kobo