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Finish The Sentence Friday #10 3/8/13

"I tried to cook..."

a healthy, delicious and nutritious family dinner featuring none other than the super food of the year, kale.  I am admittedly not by any means professed to be a skilled chef, I am not even claiming to be even halfway talented in the kitchen.  My family eats breakfast, lunch and dinner, primarily prepared at home and we have our good meals and we have our failed experimental meals.  What I do in the kitchen is more a combination of creativity and curiosity.  Aside from a fun & healthy kids cookbook, I have no cookbooks, no time-honored family recipes, no special dish that I prepare for every and any special occasion. My only cookbook, is on our bookshelf in the living room and we read it as casual reading and have probably never actually attempted any recipe in the cookbook.

My knowledge of kale is limited to what I remember my parents serving during my childhood,as I never even considered buying kale as an adult.  This is what I was working with, kale is dark green and leafy more so than parsley and less than iceberg lettuce.  I'm guessing it could be found in the first aisle of the supermarket, the mall of fruits and veggies.  Well, lo and behold, I found kale! 

I had actually ventured to the supermarket and purchased kale and that was half of the battle.  I will be honest, as I have nothing to lose here.  The kale did stay in the refrigerator a day or week longer than the word freshness would allow, the bottom line is we did eat the kale. The evening I decided that the kale must be cooked or tossed, I wasn't home to make the kale chips, about we had heard such rave reviews.  I was given very simple and basic "Kale Chips for Dummies" instructions about preparation.  My task now was to relay the information I was given to my 17 year old, Mommy Delegate.  Of course, my daughter rose to the occasion and baked/fried/cooked (I don't know the technical jargon) kale chips for dinner.

Happy ending and in my Dora the Explorer voice, "We did it! Woo Hoo!"  It was a divided household as to who liked the kale chips, but I'm a believer and we all lived to tell.  Not another failed experimental meal, well, at least not that meal.

Next week’s sentence to finish: ”I did something really stupid once, I…”


  1. I keep meaning to try kale chips- I hear they are fantastic! And it IS a superfood...good for you- sounds like you have great intentions in the kitchen to cook good food for your family! Thanks so much for linking up with us!


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