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Featured Book Review - A Life Not My Own by TM Brown

T.M. Brown

A Life Not My Own - TM Brown

Emergent author TM Brown shares incredibly honest and insightful personal secrets in her emotionally engaging memoir titled A Life Not My Own.  Written from her retrospective and reflective, firsthand perspective, TM Brown offers readers the insight and inspiration she has had the opportunity to acquire from not only her own life lessons, but the life lessons of those nearest and dearest in her life as well.  The underlying message of Brown's story offers demonstrations of the importance positive nurturing bears on the emerging people our children are to become and is exemplified through struggles, successes, loves and losses.

TM Brown's candid accounts delve into the facade we create in our lives, both the facts and the fantasies that we live. "I have learned that silence is used as a wall to ensure that others can not penetrate into the place where one's true feeling and the truth lies." In A Life Not My Own, Brown demonstrates the coping skills and defense mechanisms of a true wounded healer through her talents as a masterful storyteller.

The casual, conversational vibe of of A Life Not My Own  is delivered in such a friendly and easygoing manner, the feeling is comparable to reminiscing with a long time friend. Brown's vividly depicted recollections transport readers through times of neglect, nurturing, maturation and transformation. In reading A Life Not My Own, I found glimpses of myself written in the words of the pages.  The wealth of wisdom shared by Brown is delivered from a heartfelt place,  A Life Not My Own is a highly recommended read for anyone on their own personal journey to self-acceptance and self-actualization. A thought-provoking and sentimentally stimulating read, TM Brown stands as a competent up-and-coming author writing the stories that need to be told, read and shared with matured readers of all ages and stages in life. 

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