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Featured Author Interview: TM Brown, A Life Not My Own

T.M. Brown Welcome, TM Brown, author of newly released and self-published, A Life Not My Own. Kudos and congratulations on your new book and website, thank you so much for taking time to let us get to know more about you and your debut novel. To begin, Here’s a challenge from my blog- In one sentence, who are you?

TMB - I am a woman who continues to be re-invented.

Personally, I can relate to your self-definition, change is one constant in life. We must reinvent ourselves for the better continually. When writing, is it preferable for you to work from an outline or to write from your heart?

TMB - I write from the heart. I have no idea how the story or its characters will unfold as I write. I find this extremely exciting!

Your work is definitely a reflection of your excitement and passion for writing. Where did you find your inspiration for the title and story of A Life Not My Own?

TMB - The book and its title are gifts from God. My story seems to touch people from all walks of life. Its the story of suffering, of heartache, of perseverance and true love. There's something for everyone!

You were certainly gifted with an amazingly touching story that will enlighten readers. Were there any depictions in A Life Not My Own that are based on personal experiences or is the story solely a work of your imagination?

TMB - The entire book is based on my personal experiences, from early childhood through young adulthood. There is more to the story that maybe I'll share someday, but not yet :)

Well, we look forward to the continuation of your story, myself especially.It has been my pleasure to spend this time getting to know more about the person that gave voice to A Life Not My Own. Please don’t be a stranger, please share the best way for your readers and fans to stay in contact?

TMB- Readers and fans can find me through FB, Twitter, Goodreads, and through my website. I love receiving comments from my readers and interacting with them.

Tell Me Why- Sunrise or Sunset?

TMB - If I understand the question, my answer is Sunrise because I am definitely a morning person. I'm usually up by 5:30 every day, weekends included. I love to watch the sunrise on a winter's day from my front porch. I'm blessed in so many ways. Starting each morning like this reminds me of this truth...

Thank you again for your time and this wonderful interview.  A Life Not My Own is available for purchase at TM Brown's website.