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2013 ICYMI: In Case You Missed It- My Five Faves

Thank you 2013 for all that you have taught me and for all of the many successes that have helped to prepare me to be an even better me in 2014.  With that brief yet bountiful expression of gratitude, I now share some of my personal favorite posts that reflect 2014 in all of its glory and grind.

2013 ICYMI: In Case You Missed It- My Five Faves

I began the year 2013 by sharing a family treasure that I encourage my children to touch upon often in my opening post, Favor Confessions for 2013.

One of my Wordless Wednesday posts really resonated in my heart, as well as my life as I shared an ongoing silent yet sentimental tribute in Wordless Against Cancer.

While researching and enjoying the 2013 New York Toy Fair, I included my husband and daughter as part of my highly trained research team and our boys just enjoyed the fruits of our labor.  Our family loved being a part of this post, Happy 110th Birthday American International Toy Fair.

As a family, we are a notorious band of amateur paparazzi, we have literally thousands of photographs residing on our cameras, iPhones, laptops and even the Kindle and my son's Nintendo DSi!  This post, Featured Review: GrooveBook and FREE Promo Code was a much welcomed solution to our photo issues!

The year 2013 was coming to an end and I wanted to step up my game as a beginner blogger and launch a blog hop.  With a little Google and a lot of gusto, I took a leap of faith and I did it!  I hope to read your best posts on the Rewind and Review Blog Hop!

But enough about me, what are some of your favorite posts, blogs, books, vines or trends of 2013.  I may be a little late, but I catch up quick!  Sharing is caring!