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Get Shazzy's Story - #ShazzyFit Challenge

After being given life, our name is basically one of the most important gifts that we are given.  Sadly, not everyone appreciates and respects the value of a name.  Your name is to become your identity,  many times before people see you face, they will have read your name.  The next step is to put  face to a name in an effort to create a vision of the total package.  Am I the only one that does this?  "Yes, you do look like a Sharon."  "Wow, Anastasia, what a fitting name!" "I never would have guessed you as a William, you're more of a Doug."

What is in a name?  Does your name have a deeper meaning that at first glance?  I jumped right into the #ShazzyFit Challenge without a second thought as to the meaning of Shazzy.  Honestly, I thought Shazzy, Snazzy, Jazzy. Fun, fun, fun.  Was I right? No.  Was I close? No.  The meaning of Shazzy is about more than fun and fitness.  It is a solid foundation to build upon.  It is rooted in scripture from the Bible.  Here is the story of how Shazzy Fitness envisioned The Origin of Shazzy.

The Origin of Shazzy

The Hebrew prophet, Daniel, is a model of the power of faith. Despite dire circumstances, Daniel never let fear override his commitment to God. Daniel's Babylonian name was “Belteshazzar.” (Daniel 1:7)

If Daniel were alive today, his hip-hop nickname just might be... “Shazzy”.
Okay, maybe my Shazzy, Snazzy, Jazzy connection was off the mark, I tried.  When I was able to put a name to the face, I was able to create a vision of the total package.  I got it!  And as the daughter of a Daniel, I am feeling like a little Shazzylita.  Okay, that's just silly but I appreciate and respect the value of the name given to Shazzy Fitness with greater understanding.  

Take a Look at Apollo's #ShazzyFit Day 3 Freedom Workout Greeting

 Shazzy Fitness Disclaimer: Safety first - we strongly recommend that all participants consult with a physician before beginning this or any exercise program. Go at your own pace and stop immediately if you feel any physical discomfort.

Well, now that we can all share with understanding the vision behind Shazzy Fitness, take a minute to share your name story.  I know you have a "My Name Is" story too!  I just might even share my name story.  Enough sharing, it's time to get busy!  Stay tuned for my pics and posts on my/our #ShazzyFit Challenge.  

For more information about the Shazzy Fitness DVD's please visit here and check out MoveGrooveAmen for more videos, healthy living advice and fitness tips.  Are you up for the challenge?  Send in your stories and pics and remember to hashtag-#ShazzyFit- See more at: http://niecyisms.blogspot.com/#sthash.gMM6mOOg.dpuf