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Here They Come... The Beatrix Girls!

Music, Dancing and Fashion go hand in hand.  Those are just a few of the fun things bout being a girl- a Pop Star girl in a cool all-girl rocking band.  The Beatrix Girls are not just rocking to cool music, these girls are also role models that are empowering young girls everywhere. 

The Beatrix Girls are dolls that represent ambition, talent and dedication to their music.  Each of The Beatrix Girls is an essential member of their band as a singer, a musician and a friend.  Their music is lively and hip, while appropriate for girls of all ages to sing and dance along to the popular beats.

Meet The Beatrix Girls band members-

Photo Credit: www.thebeatrixgirls.com

Here's Brayden!  She's the raven haired front singer and songwriter that 
is sweet, funny, socially conscious and into Ecology.

"Are we beat, or are we Beatrix?" 

Photo Credit: www.thebeatrixgirls.com

Hello Ainsley! The amazing blonde drummer for the band is girly, frilly and a hat-loving girl that is intense about her music.

          "Oh my, this all too too!"

Photo Credit: www.thebeatrixgirls.com

Go Lark! A rocking, bass-playing redhead with hot Irish blood, she is humorous, edgy and even has a tattoo behind her knee.

" Come on, lighten up!"

\Photo Credit: www.thebeatrixgirls.com

Hey Chantal! This cool keyboardist from Montreal is gentle, logical and levelheaded but she can flip out if her advice is unheeded. 

                 "J'en plus pas!" 
       ("I can't take it anymore!")

Hey Faves!  Who's Your Fave?

Ainsley? Brayden? Chantal? Lark?

Check Out Their Website and You Can Be a Trixie!

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