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Standing as the newly elected President of the United States, candid meetings, top secret affairs and best interests are all in a day's work.  Configure Jack Canon's Women of the House and the essence of those same words take on an entirely different meaning.  Highly influential and the most powerful man in the United States, the Commander in Chief handles domestic and international affairs with ease and discretion.  His personally selected high profile team of officials are enlisted to help fulfill campaign promises to our citizens, by any means necessary.

Intense is the most accurate description of the consequential political action, complicated interpersonal relationships and passionate romantic scenarios.  In Greg Sandora's  thrilling political romance, Jack Canon's Women of the House hold a powerful position which they play with a seductive passion.  The characters are larger-than-life and relatable in the respect.  Truly a mesmerizing read for a fictitious peek in to the daily state of affairs in the White House, the previous book in the series, Jack Canon's American Ideal is next on my "To Be Read" list.  Great future expectations from Sandora's upcoming future projects.
Author's Description
Two months have passed since the long awaited inauguration of the New President of the United States - Jack Canon. Now he must live up to his promises. The World is wounded, people are hurting, the new President must keep the country afloat. Jack leads a very full life - The first couple's relationship is hot with passion, but he can never admit that to Sandy, his best friend who is also head over heels in love with him. The Women of the House provide a welcome distraction while helping with the arduous task of running the country.

As President Jack must make tough decisions: Global Terrorism, Human Trafficking, Korea on the brink of war, all while thwarting International Greed. Women of the House is a story of noble sacrifice at extremely high cost. Who's going to be the first to be strong enough and willing to pay? It's not all work in Women of the House - Think the Wedding of the Decade meets the Crime of the Century.

Jack Canon's Women of the House, is a story filled with Love, Lust, and Loyalty where passions can run wild! In Sandora's monumental sequel, patriotism and valor mingle with an undying love that refuses to quit. Ride along as Jack Canon fights back against the most evil people on the planet. Readers are sure to embrace this unforgettable tale which will appeal to fans of political adventure, suspense and romance alike. Jack Canon's Women of the House is a story of kindness, passion and courage that can't be separated.
Meet The Author 

I'm originally from the Portland, Maine area and lived and worked there for years before moving to Southwest Florida. My first book, Jack Canon's American Destiny: He's All In, is a Presidential Thriller, or some might say White House Mystery Thriller, packed with action and adventure. I just completed the sequel to Jack Canon's American Destiny - which is titled Jack Canon's Women of the House: Love, Lust and Loyalty (A story of Kindness, Passion and Courage that can't be separated. It's has all of the same components of the first but leans toward a Presidential Romance, or White House Romance Thriller. The sequel is just as action packed, but with a bit more spice than the first, some would say it's very sensual. Anyway both are available on Amazon now.

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