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Today is #ShazzyFit Challenge Day 1


Well, here is my personal thought of the day.  Enjoying the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle is a investment in our lives that we should- well, enjoy.  Incorporating a fitness routine does not have to involve pricey memberships, rigorous boot camp routines or time consuming work out programs. Music is such a motivating factor in our everyday world, it only makes sense to use the musical motivation to make our fitness routines work to our advantage.  Is music a must-have for your fitness activities?

Shazzy Fitness is will make you want to Move, Groove, Amen.  With a promising launch, Shazzy Fitness is a making a debut on the fitness forefront with a brand new, contemporary workout DVD series set to inspirational Christian Hip-Hop music.  The family-friendly series consists of a Beginner Level - In The Beginning and Intermediate Level - A Time To Dance Workout DVD each with a running time of approximately 35 minutes.  

Today is the kickoff of the 7 day #ShazzyFit Health Challenge.  Excitement is the best way I can describe my motivation level as I prepare to embark on this inspirational challenge with my family.  We will be getting together as a family to put everything else aside and enjoy dancing and exercising for today's 10 minute Genesis Workout.  

Here is Vera's Welcome to #ShazzyFit Challenge Day 1 Genesis Workout-

Shazzy Fitness Disclaimer: Safety first - we strongly recommend that all participants consult with a physician before beginning this or any exercise program. Go at your own pace and stop immediately if you feel any physical discomfort.

Well, now that I have a had a moment to share my thoughts, enough said, it's time to get busy!  Stay tuned for my pics and posts on my/our #ShazzyFit Challenge.  For more information about the Shazzy Fitness DVD's please visit here and check out more videos, healthy living advice and fitness tips.  Are you up for the challenge?  Send in your stories and pics and remember to hashtag- #ShazzyFit!