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5 Ways to Get the Party Started- Parent Style

"Because I'm happee-ee-ee" Yes, I am bouncing about to the lyrics of an incredibly famous A-List celeb from the soundtrack of an animated movie- the Kidz Bop version. Yes, I am dancing, too- ish. I'm the Cool Mom! Alright, let's get this party started. Freshly showered and "Red Carpet Ready"- if you consider our home's welcome mat to be the equivalent to a highly revered red carpet media blitz. Let's call in the glam squad for a last/one minute appraisal and by glam squad I mean my cutie booty leggings, fitted tee, Chapstick and bracelet/hair tie accessorized with my red bottoms- fluffy red footsie socks. Woo Hoo! I am bringing it tonight, people!

5 Ways to Get the Party Started- Parent Style

Well, now that I am all put together, there has to be just the right place to show face. I have connections- and a Cozi calendar, school directory and local restaurant menu collection that represent my connectedness with my connected connections. I'm feeling the easy breezy flow of a 5 Star weekend about to explode and I know that I will be on the scene. Here I go, let me grab my Mommy Bag and show you how I get things poppin'!

Supermarket Sociale 

This place is a highly recommended hot spot for parent partiers bringing the noise/coupons from sun-up til sun down. Bright lights, music pumping, cash bar and a la carte items served fresh daily. Casual to business attire appropriate, most places adhere to "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service" policy. The atmosphere is generally a mixed crowd with a VIP card for the privileged masses. The velvet rope can host a long line at times, no reservations, first come, first served.

Gossip Girls Gather, Inc. 

Exclusive admission for those in-the-know and that really want to know. Come dressed to impress or be tomorrow's Hot Mess Hot Topic. "If these walls could talk..." is the continually trending topic and "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is strictly observed during select religious observances. This is a 24/7 event in multiple locations worldwide- international, baby! Information available in person, online and via telephone or covert eye signals. Your carrier's standard message rates apply.

Bathroom Blues Bar 

Looking to wash your blues away in a bubbly atmosphere? Them look no further-, popular destination is a lavishly designed aquatic spot that has it all. Work it out all day and night long with the hottest, new and improved products available- soap, water, shampoo, conditioner- if you're fancy. All are welcome here and most times there is an open door policy. BYOB and by popular demand it is strictly enforced that you keep it clean. Personalized Do Not Disturb souvenir memorabilia is sold separately.

Dirty Dish Dancing 

Get moving and grooving to the hottest tunes at this exclusive centrale location. With a relaxed dress code and no cover charge, this locale is certain to gain in popularity, so make your claim to fame now. There is very rarely a line and all are welcome. Did I mention that all are welcome? Comfortable footwear are recommended but not required, roll up your sleeves and rock out! Word to the wise, if you break it, you buy it.

Nightgown Nightspot 

A personal favorite haunt, this privately owned establishment is all about carefree comfort. A relaxed and inviting ambiance create a personal haven for frequenting party people. Themed events such as Movie Night, Game Night, Game Day and Pizza Party and Pajama Day are all very popular and therefore well attended. Crowd control is rarely enforced and entertainment is a first rate eclectic assortment of genres with something for everyone. Come early and stay late.

I've shared my personal best of the best places to get the party started- parent style. Maybe we've met at some of these hot spots. Where is your go-to place to get your party on? Details, details, details- those gossip girls wanna know!


  1. Well, you sure are a party gal! Love this fun post... I don't think I can keep up with the action though. LOL

    Thanks for joining the UBP.

    1. Hi Susan!
      That's the crazy life I live! Welcome to my world! lol
      All The Best! Denise


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