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Are medications, supplements and multivitamins an essential part of your daily routine?  My family juggles to find a daily balance between being reminded to take their daily vitamins or prescription medicine and meanwhile keep these pills safely organized.  Sabi is just the company to meet our family's needs.  
The name Sabi is of Japnese origin, it represents a cultural aesthetic that is inspired by the simple notion that life's imperfections are what makes it beautiful.  The Sabi product line is comprised of high-quality health and wellness accessories that are designed to be functional and fun.  While the road to wellness is not always described as being fun, the well-designed products in lively colors with functional engineering challenge the ordinary.

The Sabi DAYBOX is a modular pill organizer that immediately was put to use to conveniently organize my husband's daily doses of vitamins, supplements and medication.  At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, I have to say that the DAYBOX is the product of his dreams.  As he recently discussed having forgotten his medication for the past day or two (or three or four?), he explained that it was not convenient to carry his entire pill organizer with him each day.  It would be more convenient to have a smaller case, that would not be easily lost to travel with on a daily basis.  The DAYBOX is an extra large sized weekly pill organizer featuring 8 removable compartments labeled for each day of the week.  The daily cases have 3 separated compartments that are covered by a flexible rubber, scatter-proof lid.  The compartments are large enough to accommodate Fish Oil pills and are BPA free.  

My daily routine of vitamins and supplements is divided into a morning and evening dose to keep track of for myself.  I find that the CARAFE is an ingenious way to keep my daily doses separately stored in a convenient location.  The CARAFE is a stackable BPA-free 124 ml drinking glass with two separate compartments in the divided cap for storing pills and vitamins.  The convenience of having my personal glass dedicated to storing and taking my vitamins is such a most valuable implementation to my wellness routine.  The CARAFE is safely placed in a convenient location away from little ones yet visible to remind me to maintain my schedule and frequently drink water also.

Multivitamins are an essential part of our growing tween's day to day schedule to compensate for a questionable diet and an active lifestyle.  We have incorporated Sabi's  SHAKE into our evening routine as a quick and convenient way to keep up with daily vitamins.  At the beginning of each week, I simply add a week's worth of pills into the SHAKE storage container and each morning he can easily shake a single vitamin from the SHAKE easy pill dispenser without the difficulty of attempting to properly coordinate the logistics of child safety containers.  There is a  useful date wheel cleverly designed into the lid that tracks the expiration date of your pills.

At times the size and shape of medication my complicate the ease of which a pill is capable of being swallowed for numerous reasons.  SPLIT is an easy pill cutter utilized to remedy this complicated situation with minimal effort.  Sabi has designed a means of dividing pills and vitamins of all shapes and sizes safely and as accurately as possible  The precision of the pills may vary according to the size, shape and texture of the actual pill.   The functionality of SPLIT comes from the rustproof, non-steel plastic blade that delivers a safe, clean cut without a wearing down or dulling of the unique non-razor blade.

The need to take medication or vitamins may be a challenge for some people, most especially young children and don't forget about our pets.  CRUSH is an easy pill smasher that creates a fine powder form of medication and vitamins that is easier to ingest in food or liquids.  My husband became an instant fan of this product as with the greatest ease of a simple twisting motion of the CRUSH, he effortlessly (and needlessly) pulverized vitamins which I then mixed into a glass of orange juice.  Sabi has conveniently included a pill box into the top cap of the 2-in-1 CRUSH for storage of pills in a self-contained case.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Lee
Aside from the innovative pill cases, organizers and accessories in the Sabi product line, there is also a line of sturdy and stylish canes and cane accessories. The SPORT Walking Cane was ordered as specified by height which is absolutely practical, though I had never realized the process involved.  My mother was able to feel the difference in quality, fit and stability between the Sabi SPORT Walking Cane and a generic adjustable cane from a large retail health and beauty chain store.  We were very satisfied with the very lightweight cane with the cushioned grip that is comfortable and secure in your grasp.  Our tween son was super excited to have a sturdy aluminum cane to use as we often hike along the Appalcahian Trail and throughout the mountains surrounding our home.  The wide based rubber tip of the cane is constructed from the same shock absorbing materials used in creating hiking boots and running shoes.  Our family has put Sabi's SPORT Walking Cane to good use as we walk along through the mall and while venturing along the Hudson River.  The SPORT Walking Cane can be conveniently rested upon a doorknob for easy accessibility or used in conjunction with Sabi's cane accessories.

Sabi's Values
"Sabi products are everyday items, simply made better.Our "reinventions" bring design, functionality and aesthetic to the most basic day-to-day things - from pill accesssories to garbage cans - in order to transform mundane tasks into pleasurable daily rituals. Alter the way we interact with the items we use every day. And ultimately the way we interact with the world around us.Our products are shape-shifters; they change the daily routine and uplift it by transforming the day’s mundane moments into daily moments of joy, fun and inspiration."
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