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Featured "SofSling" Review From Aspen Ridge Sports

Aspen Ridge Sports features a "SofSling" One Point Bungee Sling which is very nicely constructed sling designed from high quality nylon that is incredibly heavy duty fabric and very durable material. The sling gives a secure fit to your body, yet is roomy enough to allow ample movement. The adjustable slide allows for the sling to fit very comfortably to your size and carrying preference. The quick release clasp locks securely and releases easily. We were off and running for cover during our family's recent Paintball visit. We are really satisfied with the quality and craftsmanship of this sling, it's a great product for a great price.

"SofSling" One Point Bungee Sling by Aspen Ridge Sports One point Sling for Paintball Guns, Rifles and Shotguns with 5 Year Unconditional Warranty

* One Point Carry Frees Hands Without Dropping Gun, Rifle or Shotgun
* Keeps Your Rifle Or Shotgun At The Ready
* Allows You To Climb Fences or Ladders Without Setting Down Your Rifle
* Bungee Cords Reduce Shock When Running Or Jumping So Your Gun Feels Lighter and Doesn't Hurt Your Shoulder
* Maximum Comfort and Durability! Fully Adjustable, One Size Fits Most

The Dual Round Loop Point Sling Adapter also carried by Aspen Ridge Sports is made of high quality solid steel and very durably made. We used this adapter with the Aspen Ridge SofSling and the connection was very simple and gives a secure attachment. The YouTube videos were awesome to help get a more accurate idea of the proper use. We were very surprised by the solid weight of this adapter, the metal is definitely heavy duty and capable of withstanding frequent use. Great value for a high quality adapter.

Aspen Ridge Sports Ambidextrous Dual Round Loop One Point Sling Adapter Mount for Model 4/15 223 5.56

* Quickly be at the ready from just the carry position
* Allows you to free up you hands for other uses and not set down your airsoft gun
* Military Grade 1050 Heat-Treated Carbon Steel Construction
* Dual Loop for Left And Right Hand Carry