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3 Power Strategies to Deliver Your Presentation Speech with Confidence

Recently, I was invited to face one of my greatest challenges as a means of reaching a greater audiences to share informative content. I was asked to consider... public speaking. Gulp! I am continually amazed at the seemingly effortless poise and power of those top notch orators that are able to stand before an assembly either prepared or impromptu and deliver their message. So I did my due diligence and developed my 3 power strategies to deliver a presentation speech with confidence.

3 Power Strategies to Deliver 
Your Presentation Speech with Confidence

Honestly, there is nothing that is holding me back from being that top notch person but my own lack of confidence in myself. Who am I to stand in my own way? I wouldn't allow anyone else to infringe on my freedom of speech, so I can no longer stand in the way of my own powerful impact. The potential mastermind in me has devised power strategy to help myself and others in my situation to confidently deliver your presentation speech.

In order to best prepare for a presentation, it is essential that you first develop content is well researched and fact checked to eliminate room for error. Know your stuff! If you don't know your material, now is the time to learn it well. Create quality content, that's the easy part for most of us. Now the fun begins.

Know Your Audience

Who are you talking to? Your goal in public speaking is to share pertinent information to your audience. The delivery of your content will vary according to your target demographic. Are you speaking to elementary students or corporate CEO's? The terminology, tone and personal belief systems shared must be relevant to your population and meet their needs.

Know Your Style

Yes, your personal image should represent your best self. However, your speech should also have a style of its own. Commonly, presentations are informative in nature. The purpose of your content is so teach or share new information with your audience via facts, figures and statistics. Remember to relate to your listeners and not lose yourself in technical jargon. Persuasive speech is effective as a means of influencing or motivating your audience to consent to a call to action. Including moving narratives or powerful testimony help to establish a relationship with your audience lending toward action. An entertaining speech serves as a lighthearted means for the speaker to amuse the audience often with enjoyable anecdotes. Here is a great opportunity to perfect those one-liners that you have been saving for that special occasion.

Know Your Goal

Now is your time to set the stage for your speech presentation with plenty of practice. With meticulous research and planning, quality content is primed for public address. Be honest in acknowledging your personal strengths and weaknesses, know yourself and believe in yourself. Confidently offer listeners new information, views and perspectives to consider from your message. Conclude your presentation with supporting materials and always provide your contact information for follow-up and future networking exchanges.  With these goals in mind and practical strategies, public speaking is an attainable reality.

Now that you have these power strategies, how will you put public speaking into practice?