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Get In On The Fitness Tips Shaun T Shared With Me

Recently I had the privilege of getting an introductSHAUN to the fitness instructor extraordinaire,  Insanity mastermind, Shaun T. Preparing to serve up plenty of motivaSHAUN to get the crowd up and on their feet hitting those power moves at Arthur Ashe Kids Day presented by Hess at the US Open in New York, I scored some major words of wisdom. Shaun T addressed a challenge that so many of us face, finding the time to get that workout in during a typical busy day. Always at the top of his game, Shaun T shared some fitness tips that are easily incorporated into our day to day routines.

The Struggle Situation- As life becomes overwhelmingly hectic and schedules seem to be impossible to manage, health and fitness take the back burner to seemingly everything else we are doing. It goes without saying that physical and mental health and wellness are essential to our lifestyles. How do we find the balance? 

The Shaun T Solution- "It's important to get in at least 25 minutes of activity everyday. I recommend the Focus T25 workout." The Focus T25 Workout program is designed for all ages and all levels of experience. Can you imagine saving time by getting an hour's worth of fitness in only 25 minutes? Eliminate the gym membership, pass on all of the expensive exercise equipment and get that workout done at home, at work or on the go. 

Taking the time to include a full body workout does not have to be considered as a strictly business routine. Shaun T suggests that we, "Remember to have fun and sometimes just take time to play. Play like you used to do when we were kids and have fun with it." Keeping focus on having a positive mindset when getting that fitness program to go from concept to counts is the key to success. "Trust and believe!" (in my Shaun T voice) is the message of empowerment that will help to sustain you through the highs and lows of any workout program. 

Share your fitness tips for making time to get a workout routine into your daily schedule?