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Back to School, Back to Business, Back to Bullying - No!

Some kids awaken before daylight eager with anticipation, Some kids are wishing to never wake up again. Our kids are spending an increasing amount of time online unsupervised. As social media engagement increases, unfortunately many times, constructive family and community interactions decrease. A major cause of concern facing many parents today is helping their children deal with bullying and the increased pressure from other kids via social media and cyberbullying.  As the mom of a tween, our family has heard, seen and experienced the ugly reality of bullying. I have a Zero Tolerance Policy toward bullying and stand firm in my beliefs. It is not okay. 

Watch this message from Kids in the House and take action to #ENDBULLYING today. It's a matter of life or death.

"I've been asking myself: why are so many negative comments posted online every day, and how are kids affected by seeing all this negativity?" says producer and director Leana Greene. "How do you explain to your child the importance of being kind online, when it's hard to find even one YouTube video without a negative comment? Suicide is the third leading cause of death in young people, resulting in 4,400 deaths every year [according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention]. We have to teach our children that words can kill, both in person and online."
Kids in the House spoke to kids that have actually experienced bullying, as well as leading experts, to brainstorm ways to stop bullying and to get effective advice on what to do when faced with bullying.

This video is the powerful, informative project of Kids in the House as part of their #ENDBULLYING campaign. The issue of bullying is a cry for help on both sides of the situation. As parents, as educators, as family, as friends, as a community- we all must get involved and take a stand against bullying now. 

Now, it's your turn to take action. It only takes a moment, help to share the message… Let's empower kids to #ENDBULLYING.  

Share your stories of bullying and help to break the cycle of hurting others.

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