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Disney and The American Red Cross Educate Kids About National Preparedness Month

Have you ever seriously thought about whether your kids would know what to do in the event of a sudden emergency at home? Are you able to safely say that your child has an idea of a sudden emergency? Does your family have a safety plan in place that everyone knows, understands and is capable of following, if ever necessary? Our friends from Disney and The American Red Cross educate kids about National Preparedness Month. Save and share this valuable information. Let's make a Preparedness Plan today!

Disney and The American Red Cross Educate Kids About National Preparedness Month

Disney's Friends for Change - Pillowcase Project Disaster Preparedness

Thanks to the efforts of The American Red Cross and Disney, as part of their awareness campaign for National Preparedness Month during September, this new disaster preparedness video helps teach kids and families the importance of preparing for natural disasters and other emergencies. 

Providing a wealth of valuable information, The American Red Cross and Disney advise families of the importance of  taking time to become better prepared to handle emergency situations. The familiar faces of Disney favorites discuss the basics of emergency preparedness: Learn, Practice, Share, Be Prepared. They portray preparing for emergencies as an activity that is easy, fun and as a way to help reduce children's anxieties about the unexpected. 

"When a disaster strikes, it is critical that the entire family is prepared," said Gail McGovern, president and CEO of the American Red Cross. "Disney's continued support helps us keep children safe by educating them about the importance of preparedness in ways that are relevant and fun." These are a few of the ways that Disney is involved in helping to ensure that The American Red Cross is able to respond immediately and effectively after the devastation of disasters that we encounter at home and around the world.

The Mickey and Friends Disaster Preparedness Activity Book, helps children and families learn how to prepare for disasters through a series of interactive games and activities. The book was created with The American Red Cross and is available to download in both English and Spanish.

  • Disney has contributed to the creation and expansion of The Pillowcase Project utilizing trained instructors teach youth the safety actions for various disasters, how to develop a family emergency plan and how to create emergency kits by packing essential items into a pillowcase for easy transport.
  • Disney is also funding the development of a new mobile app for youth that will enable the Red Cross to expand the reach of The Pillowcase Project beyond the classroom. The app will be available on IOS and Android by early November, 2014.
With a huge population of viewers from toddlers to tweens, Disney strives to bring awareness to both our kids and our families on their impact in their communities through involvement. The Disney Friends for Change is a worldwide initiative that inspires us all to take action and make a difference in our communities and on our planet.

For more information about The American Red Cross, please visit redcross.org or visit us on Twitter at @RedCross.