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Join niecyisms and Cartoon Network - Pledge to Stop Bullying: Speak Up

Today, the niecyisms and nestlings family, has a very special challenge to share with each and every one of you out there. We have just signed up to become one in a million supporters to take Cartoon Network's Help Stop Bullying Pledge. Bullying, whether it takes place in school, online or anywhere else that it may happen, is unacceptable. Here is our family's video that we submitted to Cartoon Network as part of their 5th Annual Stop Bullying: Speak Up Initiative to have one million people share online video support messages. Please support us in sharing this message.

Join niecyisms & Cartoon Network
Pledge to Stop Bullying: Speak Up

It is a rapidly growing concern that bullying continues to affect millions of kids nationwide every single day. In an effort to address this pressing issue, Cartoon Network is kicking off its annual Stop Bullying: Speak Up campaign by presenting the public, of all levels of tech savviness, to create and submit a video call-to-action encouraging people to speak up for other kids that may be in need of help against bullying. 

Here is your big chance! Let's help Cartoon Network to reach their goal of having the voices of one million people heard through videos and anti-bullying pledges, the network is giving people the opportunity to say to the world, "I Speak Up." By creating a personalized message and sharing the video at StopBullyingSpeakUp.com as well as on your own social media platforms using the hashtag- #ISpeakUp, participants are vowing to say something if they witness bullying.

Getting your "Speak Up" message out there is very simple and takes just a minute. Share our "Speak Up" message and we will share your message!