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Christopher Meloni Talks Ready Relief Restore with the Launch of the Duracell Power Forward Fleet

"Are You Ready?" It was such an honor for niecyisms and nestlings to mark the occasion of America's PrepareAthon on the National Day of Action, September 30th with Duracell, The Weather Channel and Ready.gov at the Duracell Power Forward Fleet Launch. The Ready Campaign focuses in four essential building blocks of preparedness- Be Informed, Make a Plan, Build a Kit and Get Involved. According to market research and sales trends, there is clear indication that in times of need during national disaster, people  choose and trust Duracell. 

The Duracell Power Forward initiative, which is notably and respectfully recognized for donating free Duracell batteries, WIFI and mobile charging to those people that have been affected by natural disasters since 2011, expanded its fleet and joined forces with The Weather Channel and Ready.gov to become best equipped to reach more people, more quickly during devastating storms. The entire five vehicle fleet assemble to celebrate the addition of new vehicles and hubs in New Orleans, San Francisco, and St. Louis, the Power Forward Fleet’s goal is to be capable of reaching any storm site in the continental U.S. within 24 hours of incidence.

“Being in the battery business, we know all too well when a natural disaster strikes, power fails and communities aren't always prepared,” said Jeff Jarrett, Marketing Director for Duracell. “Duracell believes a little power goes a long way in reviving hope, so we have committed to expanding our fleet and relief efforts.”
Acclaimed actor, Christopher Meloni spoke of his commitment to preparedness and his personal experiences as a long time New Yorker during Super Storm Sandy. The Launch took place in New York City's Battery Park City which was completely submerged underwater following the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy. With the top resources on preparedness collaborating in honor of America’s PrepareAthon! National Day of Action, Duracell reaffirmed its commitment to support Ready.gov in spreading the preparedness message through its extensive fleet preparations. Duracell’s commitment to on-the-ground relief is also enhanced through a vital new partnership with The Weather Channel, which will help Duracell Power Forward to efficiently track power-threatening storms effectively and assist the fleet in identifying and reaching those areas and individuals most in need of resources.

Delivering an impromptu forecast, Stephanie Abrams, meteorologist for The Weather Channel, has covered almost every major severe weather event of the last decade and understands the importance of activating critical services in the days leading in to and following such catastrophic events. “Deploying to natural disasters comes with the territory as a Severe Weather Strike Force Team member, but it has been so inspiring to see brands like Duracell providing relief on-site and standing side by side with us in communities when they need us most,” said Abrams. “We look forward to working in partnership with the Duracell Power Forward fleet to ensure they are prepared and ready to deploy as soon as disaster strikes."

Granted an exclusive tour of Duracell's Power Forward Fleet with Power Forward Team member Shane, I was able to witness first hand the power, durability and efficiency of these fully equipped response vehicles each uniquely designed. From the massive capacity tow vehicle to the snorkel enabled vehicle to the immense battery storage capacity of this hefty fleet never to be assembled in the same location again as they prepare to be deployed at their respective hubs across the United States. 

Are you prepared? As directed by Jerome Hatfield, FEMA Region II Administrator, visit Ready.gov  today for more important preparedness action plan information.