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New York's Coolest Kid DJ Alden and Dad Share Their Secrets for Rocking CirKiz Dance Parties

Photo Credit: Filip Wolak
Here's a real special interview that is guaranteed to please. DJ Alden and his dad, DJ Jesse shared some of their secrets to rocking their CirKiz Dance Party events hosted at the VIP Room in New York City. This talented 8 year old DJ is no stranger to making music and magic happen on the turntables. Here's how this fun-loving family brings top tunes to tween in a family-friendly exclusive New York club venue.

New York's Coolest Kid DJ Alden and Dad Share Their Secrets for Rocking CirKiz Dance Parties

Photo Credit: Filip Wolak
A special thank you from niecyisms and nestlings to DJ Jesse Sprague and his son DJ Alden of CirKiz  for taking the time to share with us in this interview.

I am very impressed with your awesome DJ skills that you demonstrated at the CirKiz Launch Party. How did you first become interested in being a DJ?  
DJ Alden- I like music a lot and DJ’ing is one way of working with music. There was always a lot of DJ equipment in my house. When I was 2 years old my favorite toy was one of my dad’s DJ turntables. He showed me how it worked but said I was too young.  I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to start learning. When I was 6, I went to Dubspot where I learned on turntables! Now my dad teaches me.

I have to commend your family on supportive parenting. How have you supported DJ Alden in pursuing his musical interests?  
DJ Jesse- Alden loves to DJ, we gave him a proper DJ set-up so he gets comfortable on professional equipment. He was always fascinated with music generating toys, even when he was a baby. Singing is also a passion for him, my wife, Jenny is the inspiration behind his love for singing, and he sings with the National Children’s Chorus. It’s great to see him and his brother listening to music together and singing along. Music is so powerful.
Photo Credit: Filip Wolak
Music is very powerful and is such a powerful influence on your whole family. I haven't met many 8 year old kids that can say that they DJ at the VIP Room in NYC. What do your friends think about you getting to party like a rockstar?  
DJ Alden- They think it’s cool. They ask me lots of questions like how I became a DJ, why I want to be a DJ and where I get all the equipment and stuff like that.

How does your family help to balance school time, family time and CirKiz party time?  
DJ Jesse- Like all families we do the best we can. School and fun always come first with the boys. They show some interest in how we produce these shows and we take it is an opportunity to teach them.

Many families can relate to the daily juggle. It's great to lead by example for the boys to develop an interest and appreciation for your business. Who has the best music playlist? What song really get everyone on the dance floor?  
DJ Alden- I like Armin Van Buuren and Steve Aoki. At the last CirKiz party the best song was Break Free by Ariana Grande. Everyone was dancing with their hands in the air and jumping around. Wildfire by Borgeous was also awesome.

How do you make sure that you have chart-topping music that everyone loves to dance to yet keep lyrics and subject matter family-friendly?  
Photo Credit: Filip Wolak
DJ Jesse- We listen to a lot of music in the car and Alden picks out the songs he likes. I pick a lot of songs, do my research and then we listen to them together and incorporate them into our DJ sessions at home. Then we make sure the songs are appropriate. My wife Jenny has the final say.
As a mom, to have the mom-approved sign of approval says a lot! Can you tell us what is the best part of partying with your family and friends at CirKiz dance parties?  
DJ Alden- The best part is I get to hang out with my family and having a great time. I love being in the DJ booth with my dad and DJ’ing in front of a big crowd. My brother Jalen is starting to learn to DJ and he gets to be in the DJ booth also. Then I get to run around with my friends and show them all the cool stuff.

Congratulations again on the successful launch of CirKiz! What can we expect to see next from CirKiz?  
DJ Jesse- We have huge plans for CirKiz as it develops over the next 2 years but can’t divulge any of the details. This month for the Halloween Extravaganza we are excited to have a performance by The Dream Lab. It will be a very cool show!