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New York- Let's Talk Parents, Politics and the Women's Equality Party

Can I just say that I have never abandoned my love for stickers? My favorite stickers are the ones that are representative of a special memory, or event or an occasion. This year the "I Voted" statement sticker will have an even greater significance for me as I proudly cast my vote and share my voice. New Yorkers in-the-know will be voting in support of the Women's Equality Party, and here is why I am pledging my support. 

This November, I'm supporting the Women's Equality Party because I believe women have waited long enough for equal rights, equal pay and equal choice. And I'm not alone. Women all over New York are taking a stand for full equality under the law.

Help us make history on November 4th by voting to establish the Women’s Equality Party as a powerful voice for the rights of women. I know you stand for women's equality too, and we need your support;

Will you join me in signing the pledge to vote?

Women’s equality is suffering across the country. Women are making, on average, 77 cents on the dollar and continue to face discrimination in the workplace. A man is 32 times more likely to become the CEO of a Fortune 500 company than a woman. Every woman deserves the opportunity to become a powerhouse in her field.

For the first time, New York voters have the chance to create a political party dedicated to establishing equality. TheWomen’s Equality Party is focused on electing candidates that stand up for women’s rights and support the Women’s Equality Act, a 10-point plan to establish full equality in the state of New York. This includes enacting laws that would require equal pay for equal work, ending sexual harassment in the workplace, and ending hiring and salary discrimination against parents.

We have very little time to get 50,000 voters mobilized (here's a sample ballot) to make history by establishing the first political party dedicated to supporting women's rights.  If the WEP is voted into a reality in New York, we will have the first party that can fight to ensure women are paid their fair dues. A WEP candidate's priorities would include-

1.  protecting Roe,
2.  ending discrimination against pregnant women and parents at work, 
3.  protecting domestic violence victims,
4.  real progress in pay equity, and many others that benefit ALL citizens of New York. 

Here are ways even the busiest people can help this become reality:

If you have 1 minute, you can do any or all of the following-

- Tweet to @womenseqparty or about #voteWEP 

Here's a sample tweet! ("Think 77 cents on the dollar is unacceptable? Pledge to #voteWEP on 11/4 to stand up for =pay. Join @womenseqparty: http://bit.ly/1EabC7B)

- Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Pledge to vote the WEP line on November 4th 

We need them to help us get to 50,000 votes to make this party a reality for future elections!