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The Secret to Earning Revenue for Social Media Content with Tsū

Have you heard that there is a new social media network that offers members a financial pay out? Yes, there is now a way for social media content creators to actually monetize their content. Introducing tsū, (tsū is pronounced ‘Sue’) which is a "free social network and payment platform that shares up to 90% of revenues with its users."

Grow an Authentic Network

The foundation of the tsū community values the quality of curated content over the quantity. "Authentic relationships are built upon genuine interest and trust, and the same is true for engagement on tsū. People will follow out of interest, not obligation. We encourage users to grow their audiences through original content and earnest engagement." 
Any interested new members can only join tsū by receiving a user invitation (This is my invitation code - https://www.tsu.co/niecyisms) By implementing an invite-only system tsū is capable of tracking and distributing network value to the active users who help tsū grow as an entity.

One significant benefit to sharing on the tsū social media platform is the fact that your personal content and social interactions are valuable. "On tsū, you will get paid for your content. Half of your earned revenue is in the form of royalties generated by the content you post. Sharing content on tsū is as simple as any other social platform. Users on tsū monetize their content and network in perpetuity, which continues to grow alongside the community." This is the means by which social media content creators are actually able to monetize their content.

Engage Within Your Community NetworkHere is a quick guide to the roles that your community members will play in your Family Tree on tsū.

Half of a user’s earned revenue comes from the growth and activity of their personal network. All users on tsū have their own Family Tree, which indicates the number of users they’ve brought to the platform and the overall network growth they’ve provided. When viewing the Family Tree, a user’s network is organized as such:

Friends - The tsū members that are your friends. (You may or may not have invited them to join tsū).

Children - All of the members you’ve directly invited to join tsū via your shortcode.

New Children - The newest members you’ve invited to join tsū via your shortcode.

Network - The overall members that stem from your invitations to join tsū. This includes anyone that has joined directly via your member shortcode, as well as the users that have joined one or more ‘generations’ away from your member shortcode. Please note, members who join directly through your shortcode are qualified as your ‘Children’, and the members your ‘Children’ invite are called your ‘GrandChildren’ and so on.

Followers - The tsū members that Follow you. (You may or may not have invited them to join tsū).

The secret to earning revenue for your social media content is a simple combination of original, engaging content being organically shared within an active community network. It's time to get paid to do what we have been doing for free. 

Have you accepted my invitation to join tsū yet? What are you waiting for? Let's get paid #tsunation!