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5 Tips for Water Wednesday Wellness Benefits Everyday

Okay, confession time. I didn't quite make it through all of last year's goal of including Water Wednesdays into my diet. Why did I fail? I failed, plain and simply because I was working on an idea, there was no plan of action involved. My initial thoughts were "Water Wednedsday", drink water on Wednesday, done deal. If only life were just that simple...

Intentions to do great things in our lives are very often sidetracked by the everyday situations of our lives, our family and friends lives and let's not even give attention to those crazy curve balls that life throws at us unexpectedly. To better prepare for Water Wednesday success here are some motivating facts about the benefits that water has on our overall health on Water Wednesday and everyday.

Maintain Hydration- Our bodies are mainly composed of water. Drinking enough water on a daily basis helps to maintains the body’s fluids, facilitating the delivery of nutrients throughout our bodies, regulates our body temperature, digests food and so much more.

Weight Control- Many studies have found that there is a connection between the amount of water consumed daily and weight maintenance. The reason being is that drinking water helps to maintain a feeling of fullness and oftentimes hunger signals are confused with dehydration signs.

Skin Benefits- We all have toxins that accumulate within the body that we should actively eliminate from our systems. Drinking an adequate amount of water flushes these toxins out of our bodies and can give our skin a healthy, glowing complexion.

Energy Booster- Among the most common symptoms of dehydration is exhaustion and tiredness. Get that water bottle and start sipping for an energetic increase in productivity, concentration and focus.

Muscle Up- Drinking water can also benefit aching joints and muscles by helping to refuel lost fluids. H2O is beneficial to relieving muscle cramps and strains resulting from overuse, injury and dehydration.

Water is helpful in reducing congestion and reversing the effects of dehydration. Keep your metabolism moving by keeping the H2O flowing. Your cells will thank you for that extra drink of water on Wednesdays and everyday.

Bonus Tip- Start your day by drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up, and then 30 minutes before eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. Add a water to any in between meal snacks, too. Make a habit of keeping a water bottle with you. Infuse fresh fruit to add flavor and nutrients to your water.

How are you planning to make changes to step up your Water Wednesday commitment?