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BeFiT Helps Moms Get Toned with Lindsay Brin's Core Fitness Workout

It's the start of a new season and time for the transformation of a new you. The two should go hand in hand on our path to maintaining optimum health and wellness. Shouldn't they? It often times transforms better in our planning than in our reality. There are so many reasons that we struggle with the implementation and continuation of fitness and wellness programs. One primary reason being the need for finding your personal best fit in a fitness regime. Check out how the BeFiT Team is helping moms to keep fit.
Now is the perfect time to meet the newest fitness expert working with the BeFit team, Lindsay Brin of Mom's Into Fitness! Lindsay is a Pre/Postnatal Fitness Research Expert and mom to 3 children. Currently, Lindsay is helping other moms to keep fit with the second workout in her series "Post Natal Core Stabilization". Get ready as Lindsay leads you through 9 exercises for 10 repetitions each that can be incorporated into your daily activities to give you a boost of energy and help to activate abdominal muscles. Be prepared to get your body fit and fabulous with ab-centered moves and more that will leave you looking and feeling your best. 

Post Natal Core Stabilization Workout #1 

Post Natal Core Stabilization Workout #2

Now that you've gotten an introduction to Lindsay Brin and her Post Natal Core Stabilization workout visit Lionsgate BeFiT to keep planning and transforming with the fitness routine that is the best fit for your wellness plan. Are you ready for your fitness transformation?