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Fisher-Price Encourages Parents to Share #WishesForBaby

New year, new baby, new dreams. We as parents embrace as many moments as possible to wish for the biggest and best opportunities for our little ones and also our not-so-little ones. Our love and caring for our families is unconditional and the parents from all around the world that share their personal moments will reignite your #WishesForBaby with each touching moment.
Fisher-Price, one of the world's leading infant and preschool toy manufacturers, has released a short film entitled Wishes for Baby, marking the official launch of the Best Possible Start campaign. This project was directed by award-winning documentarian Patrick Creadon, and filmed with real parents from all around the world on New Year's Day, 2015 and during the final days of December 2014, this short film captures the incredible love and hopes all parents share for their children during those first moments after their baby is born.

"We hope parents will see themselves in the film and be encouraged to add their own wish for their child to the worldwide chain," said Lisa Mancuso, Senior Vice President of Fisher-Price Global Brand Marketing for the Baby. She further commented, "The work of Fisher-Price has always been to enrich the lives of young families. The incredible love parents share for their children and the dreams they hold for them to reach their full potential is universal. Wishes for Baby is our way to say – 'we're so inspired by all you do to give your children the best possible start in life' – and we're here to support you in nurturing your child's development in the most engaging and playful way!"

Created and produced in the early hours of New Year's Day, this heartwarming short film captures the first wishes of new parents for their babies all around the world including: US, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Kenya, Bangladesh, and Poland. The 90-second film captures real parents holding their babies for the first time, showing that the best possible start in life begins with love.

"The first time you hold your baby, you wish so many things for them," said Patrick Creadon, father of three young children. "I did too," he adds. "You're filled with an incredible desire that they have every opportunity in life. I was drawn to this project having filmed the births of my own children and knowing that new life, combined with self-reflection brought on by a new year, would be a powerful thing to portray." He continues, "Parents are universally connected by the same wish for our children, built upon the same foundation of love. It transcends what we think divides us."

Wishes for Baby is launched a social media engagement campaign across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to gather wishes and inspire genuine conversation with parents via #WishesForBaby. To see the conversation, visit facebook.com/fisherprice. #WishesForBaby

The film was shot by local film crews at ten hospitals in seven countries and five continents guided by an international creative team. Filming in Kenya and Bangladesh was made possible with the help of Concern Worldwide, a 48-year-old international humanitarian organization doing what it takes in the world's poorest countries to assist in the areas of disaster response, health and nutrition, climate resilience and more, with a particular focus on women and children.