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Making My Space Mine with the Minted Art Marketplace

Change - Sydney Newsom

When was the last time that you made a personal commitment to yourself? There is no need to get all official and declare that an official resolution has been made. I'm talking about taking the time to invest in yourself simply because you deserve more pleasure from life. I have
 decided to embrace change in any and all forms. 

New York Love - Personalizable State Photo Wall Art
One of the changes that I am making is that I'm ready to make my space mine with a few new additions from the Minted Art Marketplace CollectionIt's not that I am not passionate about the googlie eyed, green marker portraits of myself-compliments of my favorite tot artist. It's not that I am not feeling caboodles of pride for my tween's Science Fair Project, which I was overly involved in completing. It's also not that I don't get all warm and fuzzy looking at my teen's tuition payment plan schedule or the hubby's work calendar. Please, understand that I love all of the above family scenes, however they fail to speak to the creative that lives within me. 

As I spent a little time on the minted.com website, I was pleasantly surprised by the eclectic representation of art work and wide selection of new families of products. The  art work is created from talented independent artists with distinctive techniques. Most surprising to me was the fact that the availability of gift ideas, styles of home decor art and special occasion stationery or keepsakes was inclusive of just about every interest ranging from affordably prices items to high end purchase selections.  Here is a sample of some of the unique works of art that I have saved as favorites and are added to my wishlist from the Minted Art Marketplace, just in case you're interested in sending a little something special my way.

California Dreams - Alexandra Nazari

Convergence 1 - kellyjohnston

Looking Down - Ink Blot Paper

Sunny Tree - Uros Zagozen

Tiny Dancer - Jill Atogwe

That Light 2 - Aimee Siberon

It's time to make your space your with art work and home decor gifts that are reflective of your inner creative. Check out minted.com to shop, create and even start your own wishlist. How will you make your space yours?