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3 Reasons Pets and Their Parents Say #IHeartRover at Rover.com

Right now is a very good time to be a pet. Going back in time, a few years ago, pets just needed something to fill their tummies, a place to rest their heads and four wall with a roof. A lot has changed in the pet care game. Family pets are now full fledged members of the family and these fur babies get all of the member exclusive benefits and privileges.

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Any loving pet parents know that celebrating National Love Your Pet Day (February 20th) is not the only day to show our fur babies how much we love them. From the tastiest of gourmet treats to jet-setting internationally, pets are absolutely enjoying some of the luxuries of first-class treatment. Unfortunately, there are occasions where we cannot give our pets all of the love, affection and attention that we would like to share with them. Finding high-quality pet sitters is no easy mission. The balance between managing professional yet personal care for our pets is many times easier said than done. Rover.com comes to the rescue by helping pet parents to be connected with their best matches in pet sitters.

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How does Rover.com help to match pet moms and dads with trusted, local sitters? They have perfected the selection process within their nationwide network of dog-loving pet sitters and here's why so many families say #IHeartRover. Hire the perfect dog walker or  sitter to care for your dog or puppy in your home or their home rather than kennel boarding.

3 Reasons Pets and Their Parents Say #IHeartRover
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1- Search the networks selection of photos and reviews of nationally local dog sitters to find the best match for your pets needs and care.

2- Book dog boarding arrangements based upon your preferences after arranging a "Meet and Greet" with the sitter of your choice.

3- Relax while you are away from your pet and enjoy the assurance of premium pet insurance, 24/7 and daily photo updates via Rover.com.

There's no need for paws, I mean pause. Get ready to travel on vacation, for business or just for the day and trust your pet's care to Rover.com - Dog lovers for hire.