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Aromatherapy and Elegance in an Eco-Friendly, Empowering Company

Can you name one of your favorite scents? What memories are associated with that particular scent? The power of our sense of scent to trigger memories and emotions is very unique. One pioneering, family-based company has created a way to combine the pleasures of aromatherapy with the element of surprise and benefits of earning a profitable source of income. 

Thank you to Jewelry in Candles representative, Emily Harris for providing informational resources and product samples for the purpose of facilitating this review.

Recently, I was introduced to Jewelry in Candles, a fun, new concept in empowering many women to gain financial stability and independence by owning their own business as a primary or secondary stream of income. The flexibility of being an entrepreneur, able to establish your own working hours and terms is very appealing, primarily to mothers juggling schedules of a busy family with children. In speaking with a new Jewelry in Candles representative, Emily Harris, she explains, "Working with Jewelry in Candles works for me because I can make my own hours, my own salary and work from the comfort of my own home." 

Jewelry in Candles (JIC) emerged in the candle industry as a means of enhancing our current candle experiences. JIC has successfully created hand-made candles that are longer lasting, aromatic and an eco-friendly alternative to other types of candles. These American made candles are 100% natural soy wax that burns clean in our homes. The premium scented fragrances deliver a high-quality aromatherapy experience in a variety of lasting scents appeal to all. The surprise of discovering elegant costume jewelry to be revealed as the candles or tarts are burned is an innovative concept.

Jewelry In Candles 

*Unique Gifts

*Select Jewelry Types & Sizes
*Men's Jewelry Available
*100% Natural Soy Wax
*Circulating Scent 

*Hand-Made in the U.S.

*High-Quality Inspected Costume Jewelry

Following my initial introduction, I purchased some of my favorite scents to further experience the delights of Jewelry in Candles. Baby Powder, Gardenia and Love Potion wax tarts were my first selections. I opted for the wax tarts because of my personal preference for ambiance of the use of our wax warmer. Honestly, I must admit that I was reluctant to get to know the JIC product line for fear of a fragrance addiction, and rightfully so. My next order will be sure to include the Eucalyptus Mint, Clean Cotton and surprisingly one of my secret loves, Leather scented candles. What's your favorite scent? I'm sure that you will be able to find a Jewelry in Candles scent that you love.

For more information about Jewelry in Candles, contact Emily.

Emily Harris is employed full-time as an Administrative Assistant and a New Jersey based Jewelry in Candles Representative. Devoted to her family and her young goddaughter,her motto is "Live everyday like it's your last!"